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    Re: What's with the dark blue colour trend?

    I think it's because blue is the best smelling color
  2. Re: Is there a better masterpiece out there contemporary than this? In designer

    I personally consider Td'H a masterpiece and among one of the best releases in the past 20 years. This is my opinion. I personally think people complaining about Iso-E-Super is more annoying that...
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    Re: What fragrance did your mother wear??

    Chanel No. 5, and Co Co Chanel
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    Re: What Are Your Fragrance Wearing Patterns?

  5. Re: Which fragrance should I wear to a job interview?

    I would wear one spray of GIT out of your list... I don't think there is anything wrong with wearing a super light application of any fragrance for an interview.
  6. Re: How Does Being A Smoker Effect Your Ability To Appreciate Fragrances?

    Get yourself some CHEW!
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    Re: Best Place to Apply Perfume

    Roja Dove is not the ultimate authority on where to spray fragrances lol and his opinion is his opinion and it would by no means effect where I choose to spray.

    I spray 1 on the chest and 1 on...
  8. Re: How have your tastes changed as you've gotten older?

    Yes very much from 2013 when I first gotten into buying Fragrances there are only 3 Fragrances that have stood the massive purges of my wardrobe: Fahrenheit, Cool Water and Chanel PE everything else...
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    Re: Fahrenheit Question?

    That's exactally what I did, the vintage is hyped to death and I bought a bottle and ended up selling it, it's sweeter and IMO softer, less aggressive and more floral than the current 2015- onward...
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    Re: Fahrenheit Question?

    Go with the most current juice you can get 11-2014 has more vanilla, 2015-current is very true to vintage and I actually prefer it to vintage because it has more of leather and petrol. The vintage...
  11. Re: I think my wife is mad ( much cologne is enough?).

    Honestly if I was you, I would cull your collection down to 25 of the best of the best for all seasons that suit your taste. Be honest with yourself, which fragrances would you honestly re-buy when...
  12. Re: Anyone try the new Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum?

    I have no idea why no one talks about Eau Sauvage Extreme Concentree (vintage), it smells very much like the EDT but with the herbaceous and woody notes of the original playing a more major role. I...
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    Re: Favorite YSL

    For me this is one of my favorite houses

    1. Kouros (Vintage)
    2. Rive Gauche Pour Homme (Vintage)
    3. Pour Homme Haute Concentration
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    Re: Your vintage SOTD

    Vintage Kouros 1st release. Last week before I move back home to Nothern California, going out in style!
  15. Re: I don't like citrus or aquatic scents, but it IS summer....

    I highly reccomend YSL Pour Homme Haute Concentration, and TF Grey Vetiver.

    Vintage Coolwater is more of a mossy, freshly shaven clean out of the shower smell to me more than aquatic, I recommend...
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    Re: Vintage Fragrances I bought today

    I scored a 100/95ml Spray bottle of Kouros Charles of the Ritz 1st formulation in excellent condition for $120, A steal if you ask me. They easily go for $230.
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    Re: Chanel vs. Dior

    If Chanel didn't have Antaeus it would be a very easy decision for me.

    Fragrances I will always own a bottle of with Dior:

    Eau Sauvage
    Eau Sauge Extreme Concentree (vtg)
  18. Re: Will 3 shots to the chest alone get me noticed?


    But seriously I do 3 sprays (one to chest and one to both sides of my neck) for 90% of my Fragrances if they are weaker I add a spray to my undershirt or chest. This gives me...
  19. Re: When will Chanel Release a New Mens Scent?

    Blu de Chanel EDC Concentration I bet..... it would be nice if they made a flaker for Antaeus
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    Re: Most influential fragrances ever?

    Eau Sauvage
    Azzaro Pour Homme
    Cool Water
    Angel Men
    Dior Homme
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    Rive Gauche PH in warmer temperatures?

    Do you wear Rive Gauche Pour Homme in warmer temperatures? It seems to have a slight cooling effect and I wonder what you guys think about wearing this one in the heat? Thanks!
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    Re: Your favorite "designer" Sport fragrance?

    Dior Homme Sport 2012
  23. Re: How much money do you spend on perfume a month?

    It really depends, I go crazy in the fall, and winter seasons buying up complex fragrances where as in the upcoming spring summer months I have basically nothing on my radar. I would say on average...
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    Re: I hate ISO E Super

    I actually don't mind the smell of it.
  25. Re: Fragrance hobbiests / enthusiasts and their significant others

    My wife is pretty indifferent with my interest in fragrance. I had like 40 Fragrances when we started dating so she knew what she was getting into... I have since downscaled significantly. My wife...
  26. Re: Why do most colognes have weak projection and poor performance?

    Buy some vintage Kouros
  27. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Dior Jules, from my new 100ml bottle of the 2016 release.... so far I'm really loving it! Very happy
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    Re: No-one has love for Curve?

    Smells a lot like a knock off of Platinum Egoiest it smells good tho and there is no denying that women go crazy over it. Aside from bathing in the stuff to hide the smell of pot smoke in my teenage...
  29. Re: Heavy/animalic scents you have worn in very hot/humid weather.

    I wore Antaeus for the first time in warm weather and it did surprisingly well! I'm looking foreword to testing Antaeus and Kouros more in warmer weather to see how it plays out. Once tried Dior...
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    Re: Your vintage SOTD

    Vtg Cool Water, damn this stuff is strong with only three sprays can't believe I used to bathe in this!
  31. Re: Returning fragrances to a retailor--thoughts?

    I usually sell my unwanted fragrances on the basenotes marketplace, or on eBay. Usualy get only 75% of what it's worth but I prefer to do that than have it sit around.
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    Re: Today I bought March 2017

    Finally blind bought Dior Jules, the 2016 release. Should be here tomorrow, very exited!
  33. Re: Do you stock pile? Buy Rare/discontinued Frags?

    Hell yeah I do. If a fragrance I love is discontinued or ruined by reformulation I simply take matters in my own hands and buy atleast 400ml of it depending on how many sprays I use in a wearing and...
  34. Re: One vintage that you can't (or would not want to) live without

    Vintage Kouros for me, both 1981-1986 Paris 1st formulation, and 1993-1998 Sanofi are my favorite formulations and I still have many years ahead of me so slowly but surely buying enough backups to...
  35. Re: I'm Looking for a so-called 'Dumb Reach'...

    Eau Sauvage is my most used "dumb reach"
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    Re: Finally Dior Homme Sport 2017

    Finally tried this one today and it blows, to my nose.

    Watered down, neutered Dior Homme Sport. Smelled quite juvenile to me.

  37. Re: Some noteworthy changes coming for Creed Fragrances.

    Thank God I was never into any of Creeds offerings, save for GIT but I actually prefer vintage Cool Water to it so this really doesn't phase me!
  38. Re: Dior Homme Eau Performance for Spring/Summer

    This one was a beast on me, it's easy to choke people out in the summer and anytime for that matter I found it almost hard to wear because it was so strong even with just 2 sprays. I think it's...
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    Re: New issue of Dior Jules

    This has been on the top of my buy list for a year, I'm about to pull the trigger! Do you guys thing this is wearable in the spring/hot days?
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    Re: Prada amber for summer?

    The batch code is on the silver atomizer, yes it's excellent in the summer 3 sprays is perfect
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    Re: Finally Dior Homme Sport 2017

    Not interested in this one at all!
  42. Re: Which vintage men's fragrances are on your wish list?

    Givenchey Gentlemen
    Eau Sauvage EDT, nervous to buy this one because it's citrus based and afraid it will be "off"
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    Re: Your vintage SOTD

    Kouros 1st era
  44. Re: Daring AND wearable Spring and Summer (Warm months)

    To clarify, what I meant by "statement making/daring" was simply something out side of the box that the perfumer went out on a limb and took a risk, maybe an artistic fragrance that people would...
  45. Re: Psychological disorders and fragrance: byproduct or true passion?

    While buying, and sampling fragrances gives me a rush and researching fragrances feeds my inquisitive nature, I've learned to be happy with the few fragrances I have. Being extremely picky and...
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    Re: Top 5 Vintage Masculine

    Over 75% of my fagrances were created before 1990. I just happen to appreciate the "old way of doing things" in both music (Classic, rock), cinema, and fragrances.
    Fougeres, Chrpres, and Aromatic...
  47. Daring AND wearable Spring and Summer (Warm months)

    The longer I've been wearing fragrances, the more I have become into wearing daring statement making fragrances. However most of the fragrances I own that meet that criteria are more suitable for...
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    Re: aramis classic in the summer?

    Try 1 spray to the chest and move from there... Maybe one spray to the chest and another spray on an undershirt from an incresed distance is what I would do. I'm sure people back in the day wore it...
  49. Re: Underappreciated fragrances? Ones you find worthy of more attention?

    Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme Haute Concentration

    Barely anyone talks about this amazing fragrance. In my opinion, after the fragrance settles down it smells very modern and edgey. Very easy to...
  50. Re: Tom Ford for Men - Another one bites the dust

    Was never impressed by this one.
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    Re: Notes you hate

    Anything overly feminine or sweet. Gourmands...
    Fruity notes
  52. Re: What was the first fragrance recorded in Basenotes as your SOTD?

    Bel Ami
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    Re: Finally a tie with Aventus

    If there's a will there's a way! I would happily pay Creed Spice and Wood prices for a bottle of Kouros if I had to!
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    Re: Your vintage SOTD

    Vintage YSL Pour Homme (Red cap with large YSL logo) purposely wearing too much (at home alone) to see what the 70's disco scene smelled like!
  55. Kouros Vintage Parfums Corp 1992 bottle

    Vintage 100ml spray YSL Kouros Parfums Corp tester with white tester box 93ml remaining... up for swap or sale

    Interested in mainly vintage designer scents.

    YSL Pour Homme Haute Concentration ...
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    Re: Vintage Fragrances I bought today

    I have a mini if BPH and plan on getting Vintage Givenchy Gentleman next winter!

    Today I bought YSL Pour Homme Haute Concentration vintage in the black bottle, loving my sample of the recent...
  57. Re: What cologne do you think James Bond would wear?

    Aventus for SURE
  58. Re: How many bottles of cologne do you have and how often do you use each?

    Most I've ever had at any given time is about 40-45. I'm constantly selling bottles and buying new ones. Right now I'm extremely satisfied with my wardrobe. Currently Im down to 24-25 of ones that...
  59. Re: Where is everyone buying Midnight in Paris now?

  60. Re: If you could only own one fragrance, what would it be?

    Easy question for me, KOUROS (Vintage) 1981-2009
  61. Givenchy Xeryus, what are your thoughts on this one?

    What are your thoughts on Givenchy Xeryus? Is this fragrance versatile? How dose the reformulation stack up against the vintage?

  62. Re: Do you consider Guerlain Vetiver as one of the best classic men's fragrance of all-time?

    Wearing it today and loving the classic mature vibe it gives off. Very fresh grassy vetiver with a nice smokeyness that keeps it interesting. Very different from anything I own as it's one of the...
  63. Re: What are some niche fragrances that smell like wealth?

    Cool Water TBH
  64. Re: I received some extremely bad news that I'd like to share with my Basenotes family.

    I will be praying for you and your family... I'm so sorry to hear that. God is with you in all things.
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    Re: What's up with Eau Sauvage Extreme?

    Vintage is the way to go with this fragrance, it's one of my favorites has a lot of balls and character imagin Eau Sauvage made into a 80s powerhouse dark refined and potent excellent for fall,...
  66. Re: Platinum Egoiste at about 24 years after release.

    I personally love this fragrance. I rarely reach for it tho because I favor more smooth fragrances, but this one is so fresh "out of the shower" and will always be in my wardrobe.
  67. Re: Exactly when did the powerful Kouros end ?

    In my experience (I have owned/own every formulation of KOUROS) The scent was strong as hell from 1981-2010 and was severely watered down when the white shoulder KOUROS came out. Bigsly I was the...
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    Re: Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum 2017 New Release?

    2 100ml backup bottles bought. This was one of the very few fragrances in the last 25 years that I liked.
    They are reformulating all of there male fragrances, huh? Better not lay a finger on...
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    Re: Vintage Fragrances I bought today

    Hahaha yes! I lost almost all interest in new releases. I'm not into anything sweet in my fragrance and that's the big thing now. I'm focused on getting vintage formulations of all of my favorite...
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    Re: Vintage Fragrances I bought today

    1st Era Kouros 100ml spray

    1st Era Kouros 50ml splash

    Antaeus Vintage 100ml spray

    (Thank you so much cytherian, you Rock!)

    Kouros Parfums Corp 100ml spray
  71. Re: How about you could only wear one cologne?

    K O U R O S without question. (Vintage)
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    Re: Current Top 5?

    Kouros (Vintage)
    Terre d Hermes/Terre d Hermes ETF
    Eau Sauvage Extreme Concentree
    Bel Ami

    These Fragrances resonate with me and fit my personality the most.
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    Re: Do you have sex with cologne on?

    No it's a sin
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    Re: Aramis Aramis - First thoughts

    I personally love the fragrance, but it seemed redundant to own it and Bel Ami (which I like twice as much) I see them as somewhat similar.
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    Re: Balenciaga Ho Hang Club

    Excellent smelling fragrance that is really unique. Dose not preform as good as I would like.
  76. Re: Best current formulations of old fragrances (60's, 70's, 80's, 90's)

    Antaeus and Fahrenheit are still amazing.
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    Re: Gucci Pour Homme II reformulated

    I blind bought this a few months ago, loved the opening but it lost me in the drydown. It preformed well on my skin and was a 2015 bottle.
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    Re: Today I bought February 2017

    Picked up a 30 ml of Azzaro Pour Homme, somewhat vintage with a short list of ingredients so it's sometime before 2005. I loved the current formulation but it did not last on me, hoping this one...
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    Re: Prada Amber intense question

    Own both and love both. Not redundant at all. I suggest getting ESP if you had to choose 1.
  80. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    1st release of Kouros out of my new 1984 bottle! This is amazing!!
  81. YSL Pour Homme, Or YSL Pour Homme Haute Concentration?

    YSL Pour Homme, Or YSL Pour Homme Haute Concentration? Which one do you prefer and why? Which one is easier to wear in all 4 seasons? One of these will most likely be my next buy and last for a...
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    Rive Gauche Pour Homme wearers:

    For those of you who wear and love YSL Rive Gauche (in the tin can), what is the difference between the true first formulation with Yves Saint Laurent Parfums in the back and the ones without the...
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    Re: Vintage Fragrances I bought today

    Bought 2 75ml Rive Gauche Pour Homme cans for $20 cheaper than what they go for on eBay at the mall. Also ordered an older formulation of Azzaro Pour Homme.
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    Re: I'm coming around on Chanel Egoiste

    Antaeus > Chanel's other male offerings
  85. Rive Gauche Pour Homme tin can wanted USA

    Hello, as the title states I'm looking for tin cans of Rive Gauche Pour Homme. New or used.

  86. Re: What is the "cheapest" scent that you really enjoy?

    I would have to say

    Davidoff Coolwater. All I own and wear is the vintage Landcaster version, and even though it's miles ahead of the current juice it's still has that synthetic opening! I...
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    Re: grown appreciation for Body Kouros

    I tried really hard to like Body Kouros but it's really not my style at all, I cant get into anything that is remotely sweet.... It's unique as hell and there's no denying that.
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    Re: Back up Bottles.

    4 50ml Vintage Kouros NIB, 100ml vintage Kouros NIB

    Kouros Fraicheur 100ml NIB

    6 50ml Dior Eau Sauvage Concentree vintage NIB

    Dior home sport 2012 vintage 50ml

    Cool Water vintage...
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    Re: How Many Colognes Are Enough?

    25-30 is good for me. I'm constantly swapping, selling and re buying I personally try to keep it no more than 30 because I just like to wear my favorites.
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    Re: Lets talk about Compliments

    I try to keep my fragrance subtle, like between half and arms length and a full arms length is my desired sent projection. 4 sprays is the most I ever have to do if the fragrance is really weak most...
  91. Hermes Equipage Longevity and Projection...

    Hello friends,
    I own and absolutely love Hermes Equipage (The bottle before the current formulation). It's one of my favorite fragrances from one of my favorite houses, Hermes. The problem is it...
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    Re: Your vintage SOTD

    Sanofi Era Kouros... first wearing... This is the oldest Kouros in my collection of vintage Kouros
    Smells amazing, I FINALLY get the urinal cake connection in the first 2 minutes my Gucci Era...
  93. Re: Is it normal for frag enthusiasts to not like Polo?

    A classic and still selling despite being killed by reformulation.
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    Re: Dior Fahrenheit

    In the top 5 best and most original designer scents of all time for sure... You won't find much people on basenotes who hate it, it's quite well liked here...I wore it at my wedding.... I must say It...
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    Re: Davidhoff Classic

    I have owned a made in Germany bottle, and made in France they both smell exactly the same.
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    Re: What's your late-winter game plan?

    I'm enjoying the last few wearings of my winter fragrances/the one's I wouldn't dare wear above 65F : Antaeus, Knize Ten, Versace l'Homme, Bel Ami... But ready to pull out the spring fragrances for...
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    Poll: Re: The battle of the Vetivers

    I own both Grey Vetiver and Guerlain Vetiver.... All tho I prefer the complexity of the Guerlain, I have been called out as smelling "old man" once before the first time ever... so subconsciously I...
  98. Re: The scent that awoke your interest in perfumery: Story and self made photo of the bottle

    I would say Davioff Coolwater started my passion for fragrances in general back in 2004 (my freshman year in high school) Back then fragrances were just used to mask the smell of marijuana and or...
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    Re: Today I bought February 2017

    Caved in and bought my first niche fragrance: Aventus 6D01 batch

    The hipster inside me is kicking and screaming!

    What sold me was that it's a Cyphre one of my favorite fragrance types and if I...
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    Re: Vintage Fragrances I bought today

    Bought a lot of back up bottles this month:

    Just got my 100ml back up bottle of Kouros Fraicheur, and another 50ml bottle of vintage Kouros to add to my hoard to make it 400ml in total. :happy:
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