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  1. Hello basenotes! I'm just starting out in the world of scents, so here's an introduction about me!

    Hey there,

    I've always been a "lurker". I visited basenotes ever since Summer 2011, but I never really registered until now. Glad I did! I'd like to introduce myself!

    I started collecting...
  2. Re: What's your favorite male Creed and why is it Aventus?

    Right now, I only have Aventus, and I have the batch where it's heavy on the smoke portion. I enjoy it, but not as much as a certain sample I had from California in the summer of 2012 where it was...
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    Creed Aventus - 2012 Apple Heavy batch?

    Hey there,

    Back in the summer of 2012, I obtained a sample of Aventus from Neiman Marcus in California. It was the best scent I've ever experienced, and I regret not buying it out of the store...
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