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  1. Re: Summer fragrance - fresh with some masculine spice?

    Eau Sauvage Fraicheur Cuir
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    Poll: Re: What cologne from these 3 do you prefer?

    the Bvlgari is peppery rubbish....the Opium is a heady old 80s fragrance....powerful, but kind of like a fat old man who shouts at everyone.

    D&G is actually a good fragrance that is...
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    Re: Niche Fragrances--Advice PLEASE!


    only because it is impossible to obtain, and you will drive yourself crazy. and i'd love for more people to watch lose their mind. thanks in advance.
  4. Thread: KNIZE: complete.

    by iedei

    Re: KNIZE: complete.

    just ordered a backup bottle of Golden Edition today....and decided to revisit BN after a long time.

    so what's new fellas? Any updates? recent converts? Anyone with any good stories? ;)

  5. Re: suggestions for something different from my norm...

    Rive Gauche. one of the naughtiest fragrances ever...
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    Re: Tom Ford Tuscan Leather...

    i gotta say....since i originally posted this thread.........i've become quite bored with Tuscan's very one dimensional.....and while i admire its devotion and stubborn...
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    Re: Tom Ford Tuscan Leather...

    when i originally posted this thread....i really did like Tuscan Leather......but since then, i do find it a little one dimensional. Don't get me wrong....i really dig the stubborn devotion this...
  8. Re: Ok So What On Earth Has Happened To Knize 10? I can't find it ANYWHERE in stock?

    that is true, it has less powder....and is a more 'direct' fragrance. My bottle is under strict hiding and limited use, due to the fact that it's so difficult to locate.
  9. Re: Ok So What On Earth Has Happened To Knize 10? I can't find it ANYWHERE in stock?

    That is completely and utterly FALSE. Knize Ten has never been reformulated....that is merely speculative thinking and online gossip.....this has been clarified to me directly by Knize in my past...
  10. Re: Varvatos Artisan Black to be released in upcoming months...

    i've always dug Varvatos scents.....Vintage is still one of the only 'mainstream' fragrances that really does it for me. I never bought the Artisian, because i thought Porsche Design Essence did the...
  11. Re: The Depressing Realisation That One Day a Favourite Will Disappear...

    I have 9 bottles of Cuiron and 7 bottles of EDC. i should be fine for a while....bought em all cheap. New York City FTW!

    my advice, search in the physical stores you'd never expect....mall...
  12. Re: So.. what fragrance would Bond... James Bond wear?

    Encre Noire.
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    Re: Knize Forest and Knize Sec: safe blind buy?

    YES. Knize Forest is MORE of a safe buy however. Just by the name though, you know what you're getting. a KNIZE fragrance that is gonna smell GREEN...forget the 'GIT' comparisons, they're not...
  14. Poll: Re: BMM10: 3/3 Games 5-8 (Habit Rouge, Jicky, SMW, Musc Ravageur, K10, & More!)

    KNIZE TEN getting eliminated by the frail, weak, and overrated Musc Ravageur is a disgrace to the world of perfumes. BLASPHEMY.
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    Re: Men's Cologne for Women

    my wife + knize ten = pure sex.
  16. Re: Look at your beautiful collection. I'll let you keep 3. You have 1 minute. Choose.

    knize ten
    smn nostalgia
    helmut lang cuiron
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