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    Re: Millesime imperial perfect batch

    Just got my 2011 batch in from fragrancenet. Got that really nice melon note throughout and overall it lasted from 11am to about 9pm when I showered it off and I can still smell it a little on my...
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    Re: Millesime imperial perfect batch

    Good to see that Fragrancenet has the 2011 batch now. Hopefully since it's 2012 now the weak 2010 batches won't be likely to come by anymore.
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense reformulated review.

    I thought the panels on the box meant old formulation? The black collar, original formulation I have doesn't have those boxes but fragnet has had that same picture up for a long time now.
  4. Re: YSL La Nuit de L'homme smells like Paco Rabanne One Million to me...

    Nothing alike to me, although I do enjoy both of them.
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense Is The GREATEST FRAGRANCE OF ALL TIME

    Glad you enjoy it so much. It isn't hyped up for no reason.
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    Re: "Heavenly dry-down"

    Dior Homme Intense
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    Poll: Re: Which Dior Homme would you buy?

    DHI, the only one I own of the three.
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    Re: Best Gourmand Fragrances

    Pure Malt and New Haarlem
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense reformulated review.

    There are 2 black collar versions to my understanding. One that is pre-September release which is being called vintage because even though it doesn't have the silver collar, members here (including...
  10. Poll: Re: Dior Homme Intense New Formula Production Date Poll

    Serial number: 1P02 - manufactured February 2011

    Has the black collar but smells identical to the original.
  11. Re: which of the following should I wear at school (university)

    Yea I think brit is a good choice.
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense reformulated review.

    Bought mine mid July which I suspect to be vintage since it smelled identical to a sample I had. Either way, I love the juice so I'm not too worried.

    I do want to test the alleged new...
  13. Re: END OF THE WORLD = 09/2011!? Reformulation of dior homme intense..

    The 3.4oz picture looks different then it used to be.
  14. Re: END OF THE WORLD = 09/2011!? Reformulation of dior homme intense..

    I believe it is. They updated the picture so I'd bank on getting the reformulation if you were to order from them now.
  15. Re: Fragrances that are under $100 that can be mistaken for a niche fragrance

    L'instant Extreme and Dior Homme Intense come to mind right away.
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    Re: Most beautiful bottles in your collection

    Agreed. I love that bottle.
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    Re: Pure coffee availability

    This reminds me, I checked the mugler circle twitter the other day and they claim to only be selling less than 50 bottles of pure coffee when they re-release. So if anyone wants it, best camp out...
  18. Re: Most Wanted! List of Fragrances that I'll buy in next couple of months.

    My plan includes Bond no.9 New Haarlem and either Creed SMW or MI. I haven't decided between the 2 Creeds, the whole batch variation makes me weary of buying one of them.
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    Re: La Nuit De L' Homme EDT or EDP

    Yea I tried both, they are pretty different scents IMO. That being said, I much prefer the EDT.
  20. Re: Recommend me some perfume for men that work well for casual day and clubbing

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    Poll: Re: How popular is Creed SMW?

    Very very low. Simple as that. I rarely smell scents on any other guys, let alone a niche brand.
  22. Re: Help with smart and best of the best recommendations ???!!!

    Rochas Man is an excellent choice. Also, maybe list your budget so people can further assist.
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    Re: College guys 18-23 years old. TOP 5 FRAGS

    In no particular order: Allure Homme Sport, La Nuit, Pure Malt, DHI, Millesime Imperial
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense BOX VARIATIONS

    +4 bought mine about a month ago from strawberrynet. My bottle is the one with the black collar for the record.
  25. Re: Anyone else worried about their fragrances being damaged by summer heat during shipping?

    I don't think it's anything to worry about. Even if you buy something from a retail store, how do you think the frags got there. They were shipped in a hot delivery truck.
  26. Thread: Pure Malt

    by TheDrydown

    Re: Pure Malt

    Oh ok but yea I agree with you. I only have 7 frags but I bought pure malt 6 or so months ago and the juice level is still close to the tip of the star. P
  27. Thread: Pure Malt

    by TheDrydown

    Re: Pure Malt

    I agree. Plus if people are willing to shell out that amount of cash without exploring other frags in that price range then their loss.
  28. Thread: Pure Malt

    by TheDrydown

    Re: Pure Malt

    I agree with this. Still not sure if I even want another bottle I might just spring for 2 bottles of pure coffee when that comes back. After having it and using it for a while, I don't see how it's...
  29. Poll: Re: Pick frag for first day back for senior year in highschool

    Agreed, although the given choices don't really appeal to me.
  30. Thread: Pure Malt

    by TheDrydown

    Re: Pure Malt available 8/29??

    Good to know thanks a lot. Not sure if I want to buy a backup bottle or just wait for pure coffee.
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    Re: How did you get into fragrances?

    Decided one day when I had some extra money I should buy a cologne since I never had any before. Began searching for top 10 lists of best selling and most popular. Then I came across the youtube...
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    Re: whats a good Cologne for $60-80 dollars

    YSL L'homme / La Nuit de l'homme
    Chanel Allure Homme/Edition Blanche/Sport
    Rochas Man

    So many more choices at this price point though
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    Re: New Haarlem..What do you get from it?

    For me it starts off syrupy sweet but dies down into a really nice blend of coffee and some spices with the syrup very faint in the background. Only tested it a couple of times since I got my sample...
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    Re: Help a freshman smell fresh

    Rochas man is great and fits your budget nicely. If you can shell out a few more bucks, go for YSL La Nuit de L'homme.
  35. Re: Does anyone else think SMW resembles Leau Dissey?

    I agree. I hate issey miyake but really like SMW. They're nothing alike IMO
  36. Re: Mugler Pure Malt or Dior Homme Intense - what would you choose?

    I like DHI a little bit better although they're both great scents to me. DHI definetely wins the longetivity battle too. It usually lasts 12+ hours.
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    Re: Pure coffee is back!!!!

    That's great news provided they follow through with it. Definitely will buy this blind if it gets re-released. Worst case, I end up selling it for more later down the road.
  38. Re: END OF THE WORLD = 09/2011!? Reformulation of dior homme intense..

    Look back at the rest of the thread there is a pic of the silver collar alongside the black collar bottle.
  39. Re: 21 year old student - Needs recommendations! - (Picture included)

    From your list: Creed MI, Aventus, SMW, YSL L'homme, Rochas Man, Bond no 9. New Haarlem are all great choices
    Off your List: YSL La Nuit, Allure Homme, Bulgari Black

    Also, don't count out DHI or...
  40. Re: how many sprays of DHI for optimum sillage that can last the whole day?

    2 sprays seems to work for me. One to the chest and one to the neck. By the looks of it, I think I'm an undersprayer compared to most here since I rarely exceed 3 of anything beside VMEF which is...
  41. Poll: Re: Le Male: Who likes this fragrance? Who hates this fragrance? Favorite Vanilla Based Fragrance?

    Yea it's pretty good I think, but that's as far as I go. I wouldn't deem it worthy of a full bottle purchase.
  42. Re: The Final Battle: L'Instant Extreme Vs. Dior Homme Intense

    L'instant by a hair. Both great though
  43. Re: Top 5: Which niche and which designer scents are the most owned by Basenoters?

    As for Niche GIT and MI by Creed seem pretty popular. Designer, I'd say dior homme, terre d'hermes and pure malt.
  44. Re: Another DHI Reforumlation Thread (Probably the last one)

    Yea 1.7oz included. They recently just sold out both sizes and restocked sometime yesterday so I'd definetely say it is the black collar version. However I, as well as a few other BNer's, tested an...
  45. Re: Just curious : how many of you have A*men as your signature ?

    not that many here consider signature scents at all.

    As for the scent it's good, but there are many in the same category that do it better IMO.
  46. Re: Another DHI Reforumlation Thread (Probably the last one)

    Most likely will be the version with the black collar. Several people here (including myself) ordered last month and got the black collar version
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    Re: soap & deodorant

    Do you use the gel? I started using it then stopped shortly after I read several reviews claiming it stains clothes.

    I use dove unscented now.
  48. Re: Looking for a Lime based fragrance any suggestions?

    It's not straight up lime but it is easily detectable behind the coconut.
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    Re: La Nuit alternatives

    Similar scent or similar category of scent?

    In any case, Allure Homme might work for you.
  50. Re: Looking for a Lime based fragrance any suggestions?

    I get a lot of lime from creed VIW acutally.
  51. Re: best fragrance for winter from Hermes/YSL/Chanel

    Hermes: Ambre Narguile
    YSL: La Nuit
    Chanel: Allure Homme
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    Re: Why is A*Men only reccomended for winter?

    Wear it whenever you want. Generally the strong powerhouse scents like amen are recommended for winter because the summer heat will only amplify the already strong scent
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    Re: Pick me a High School Cologne!

    YSL La Nuit/L'homme
    Channel Allure Homme/Allure homme sport
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    Re: Top 5 wow factor fragrances 2011

    Dior Homme Intense
    L'instant Extreme
    Bond no 9 New Haarlem
    Creed SMW and MI
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    Poll: Re: Dior Homme Intense VS. Pure Havane

    Agreed. Making endless amounts of comparisons is pointless when your opinion matters more since your the buyer here.
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    Re: Just blind bought Allure Homme Sport

    One of my designer warm weather favorites. Great creamy orange scent.
  57. Poll: Re: YSL Body Kouros Vs. Dior Homme Intense - Pick

    Perfectly agreed with BK being overrated. DHI is waaaayyy better than BK
  58. Re: La Nuit de le,homme + Versace Dreamer + Angel men recommended age !!

    They're perfect for the college age and up IMO.
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    Re: Different bottle sizes?

    I always go for the bigger bottle. Much cheaper per ml plus I'm not much of a collector.
  60. Poll: Re: Dior Homme vs Dior Homme Intense vs L'instant vs L'instant extreme!
  61. Poll: Re: Dior Homme vs Dior Homme Intense vs L'instant vs L'instant extreme!

    What do you mean it's not listed I just checked and it's there. You have to click L'instant then it shows the after shave, shower gel, the edp etc.
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    Re: Small Info needed from strawberrynet users

    Ordered from them twice. Items are 100% authentic and well packaged. Don't hesitate to do business with them.
  63. Re: Where can I get legitimate dior homme intense???

    Ebay might be the only option left then. Who knows if strawberrynet will restock before the reformulation.
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    Re: Amazing High School Guy's Fragrance

    What's wrong with Allure Homme Sport? Great stuff if you ask me and perfect for any age or season of the year.
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    Re: If the new Dior Homme Intense sucks...

    Unfortunately nothing but the new DH edt will be the closest we can get.
  66. Re: Another DHI Reforumlation Thread (Probably the last one)

    I do agree with most of what is being said but I will still fear the worst. It's odd that the EDT will be almost of carbon copy note wise but the intense will undergo a big change.
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    Re: Layering Terre DH with Dior Homme Intense

    Maybe if the orange was less earthy and more creamy/sweet it would have been better
  68. Re: Bought Dior Homme Intense blind. SO GLAD I DID!

    DHI > Pure Malt and I love pure malt so yea DHI is that good.
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    Re: Fragrances You Like But Hardly Ever Wear

    L'instant de Guerlain Extreme for me. It's probably my favorite scent but it's hard to find and the fact that it smells so good makes me feel like I'm not doing the frag its justice unless it's...
  70. Re: Bought Dior Homme Intense blind. SO GLAD I DID!

    It doesn't smell a thing like Pi if you ask me. Even though they both have the dominant vanilla, DHI smells way more refined and blended much smoother. It's hard to describe it food wise because I...
  71. Re: Bought Dior Homme Intense blind. SO GLAD I DID!

    I love givenchy pi but didn't find body kouros to be anything that great. However DHI is amazing. I have an extremely small collection only because I'm very picky but DHI definetely made the cut...
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    Re: The longevity god

    Le Male, Amen, Tobacco Vanille, L'IDGE, DHI and alot of those heavy winter scents usually last 12+ on me. Half of the time they last around 24 hours
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    Re: Are samples better???

    Exactly. Dab/splash samples may smell different than the sprayer it comes out of in the full bottle because of the application method.
  74. Re: Dior Homme Intense / Terre D'Hermes EDP - How much to apply?

    No comment on TdH but for DHI I only use 2 sprays. One to the chest and one to the neck. It's pretty potent stuff and those dior sprayers spritz a lot.
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    Poll: Re: 1 Million VS Le Male VS Givenchy Pi......

    Scent : Pi > 1 Million > Le Male
    Longetivity : Le Male > 1 Million > Pi
    Sillage/Projection : Le Male=1 Million > Pi

    I still vote Pi because it doesn't have monster sillage or longetivity like...
  76. Re: END OF THE WORLD = 09/2011!? Reformulation of dior homme intense..

    crvn I hope you are right in that the 2 are very similar. This way I have a great alternative for when my 100ml bottle of DHI runs out.
  77. Re: I think i have found my Holy Grail...have you....?

    I really enjoy too many to narrow it down to 1. But I'm starting to think i will keep no more than 9 or so at a time. Life is too short to waste on frags I don't consider a 9+ out of 10.
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    Re: Dior Homme safe blindbuy?

    This is a definite try/sample before you buy IMO. I think it's great but it seems like the iris in it is a hit or miss with most people.

    On the other hand, if you do blind buy it and find you...
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    Re: Worried about recent eBay purchases...

    Fakes I've encountered smell similar to the original but definetely watered down and last an hour or 2 max.
  80. Re: END OF THE WORLD = 09/2011!? Reformulation of dior homme intense..

    Interesting that they said fruity given that the new formulation has the pear in it.

    Let us know your thoughts on it. By the looks of it, the fragrantica article shows the new bottle having a...
  81. Re: END OF THE WORLD = 09/2011!? Reformulation of dior homme intense..

    I agree with neal. I also tested the bottle I received from strawberrynet against my old sample, one on each wrist. They smelled exactly alike to me.
  82. Re: Finally got pure malt - now I keep smelling myself

    Haha, exactly what I was thinking.

    Yea this stuff is great, I'm definitely gonna buy a backup come this fall.
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    Re: Help me this l'instant!

    I recall someone posting here a week or so ago saying they got it from strawberrynet by checking multiple times a day so you might have missed it.
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    Re: Burberry Brit

    How do people even dig up such old threads lol.

    As for the topic at hand, Brit was decent but also a powder bomb for me. If the powdery accord was toned down I think I would like it more. ...
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    Re: Help me this l'instant!

    I've been trying to spread this tactic I used since back in March and it works pretty well.

    Just check strawberrynet 2 or more times a day until it comes back in stock. When they get them in,...
  86. Re: Buy It Now ebay sellers driving up Mugler prices!?

    They can basically charge whatever they want when they're the only people who are selling the stuff.
  87. Re: END OF THE WORLD = 09/2011!? Reformulation of dior homme intense..

    If I find a strawberrynet coupon, I'm definitely getting another 100ml for backup.
  88. Re: END OF THE WORLD = 09/2011!? Reformulation of dior homme intense..

    Agreed, there's no way I'm going to enjoy the new reformulated version over the current juice.
  89. Re: I've finally bought my first "niche" fragrance...

    Nice choice man, hope you enjoy it. I'm just a bit behind you in the sense that I'm on the verge of going for my first niche bottle. Just gotta wait for the samples to come in and make a decision.
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    Re: Strawberrynet has Pure Malt

    What's wrong with their shipping?
  91. Replies

    Re: Will Pure Malt be returning this year?

    Mugler Circle tweeted that it would be released again in the fall of this year I believe.

    The following was tweeted August 1st:
    " A*MEN Pure Malt will make a comeback this Fall!...
  92. Poll: Re: Dior Homme vs Dior Homme Intense vs L'instant vs L'instant extreme!

    1) L'Instant Extreme
    2) Dior Homme Intense
    3) Dior Homme
    4) L'instant

    Definitely agreed with the first 2, I just don't remember the L'instant EDT enough too fairly place it though although I...
  93. Poll: Re: ............``New Signature Scent Suggestion``...............

    La Nuit. I'm in college too and this does very well with college girls.
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    Re: So.. I ordered Dior Homme Intense blind...

    Great choice man, and definetely check out l'instant extreme as jack hunter has mentioned.

    crvn-I ordered L'IDGE from them and it took around 14 days to come. Then I ordered DHI and it took only...
  95. Re: END OF THE WORLD = 09/2011!? Reformulation of dior homme intense..

    Hmm that's odd. I just got my bottle from strawberrynet with the black ring and it smells just like the sample I had with the great vanilla/cocoa in it.

    This is a powdery fragrance indeed so...
  96. Re: Blind buying! Ones in mind? Body Kouros, Bvlgari Black, The Dreamer.

    Agreed. Bulgari Black and the dreamer are pretty unique and for the most part have a love hate relationship with most people.
  97. Re: Just put on newly bought L'eau D'issey Pour Homme...SDFOEWKF(WER @##$

    Yea this is the worst blind buy you could make because it seems to vary so much depending on your skin. Seriously smelt like urine and some lemon to my nose.
  98. Re: END OF THE WORLD = 09/2011!? Reformulation of dior homme intense..

    The perfumedcourt sells samples of this as well as some ebay sellers.

    Although this is a...
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    Re: Your most expensive blind buy?

    60 on L'instant Extreme. Well worth it IMO.
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    Re: Help me choose between these frags

    Dior Homme Intense, La Nuit, and Live Jazz/YSL L'homme
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