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  1. Cuir Ottoman and L'eau de Tarocco

    Parfum d'Empire's Cuir Ottoman edp 100 ml (used several times, basically full). Still in box.

    Diptyque L'eau de Tarocco 100 mls 5/6ths full. No box

    Etro Shaal Nur edt 100 mls/more than 2/3rds...
  2. Re: your perfect fragrance collection :)

    For me:

    Annick Goutal - Songes (need full bottle, stat!)
    Guerlain - vintage Shalimar edc
    vintage Vol de Nuit
    first edition Shalimar Light
    Lanvin - Arpege...
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    Re: Today I bought ~ January 2013

    Yep. What she said.
  4. Re: Women's opinion: What the scent says about the man

    Wait, I've got three more:

    Axe Dark Temptation: Is 14.
    John Varvatos Artisan: Got it from his girlfriend who got it at Sephora right before Christmas when she was checking out holiday nail polish...
  5. Re: Women's opinion: What the scent says about the man


    Aqua Di Gio: He smelled it on 12 of his other friends and thought wearing perfume was as easy as buying what everyone else wears (which is how 11 of those 12 friends picked AdG in the...
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    Re: Sonoma Scent Studio bottles

  7. Re: Most worn in December, 4th Quarter, 2nd Half and the year 2012

    Lots of vintage Arpege eau de Lanvin. Then Shalimar Legere and vintage Magie Noire. Then vintage Krizia Teatro la Scalla and Vol de Nuit.
  8. Re: Lady perfume traders? Anyone? *crickets*

    Yay Veroniche! I'd check out some scents of yours.
  9. Re: Lady perfume traders? Anyone? *crickets*

    I agree 100%. I have felt this way myself?

    Do you think the same reason is true, for women not trading? Even when there's no money involved and it's just a bottle for a bottle?

    I can feel...
  10. Re: Lady perfume traders? Anyone? *crickets*

    Oh yes, definitely. When I sell perfume, I prefer to do it anonymously because wheeling and dealing can feel awkward with people I consider friends.
  11. Lady perfume traders? Anyone? *crickets*

    I don't want to seem ungracious, because I have had so many excellent trades on Basenotes, but coming back to trading after a year or so away, I've noticed that there are a lot less women trading....
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    Re: Today I Bought - December 2012

    Nice, yellow-cello! I love me some Amaranthine! What a bargain.

    And Im about to click on this zomgsmells site. There goes my no-buy promise.
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    Re: Today I Bought - December 2012

    Siiiigh! I love reading about other people buying perfume. It's so dreamy and vicarious.
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    Re: SotD: Friday, 28th Dec., 2012

    The original Shalimar Eau Legere today (and last night).
  15. Trying to choose an SSS christmas prezzie for me

    First, I love everything in the SSS line, with Wood Violet and Champagne De Bois as my very favorites. My present to myself this year is a full bottle from the line and I can't decide between finally...
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    Re: Stopping evaporation--help!

    I do have a humidifier but I'm so laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy! I'll just have to buck up and use it regularly.

    Thanks Kaelee!
  17. Re: Winter/Fall cologne for freshman in High School

    I agree with Burberry London.
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    Stopping evaporation--help!

    Since moving back to New England, I've noticed that some of my bottles are starting to evaporate. Ack! One decant (my Montale Attar) disappeared in 3 months, and now the evaporation is trying to take...
  19. Re: Soft, fresh-cut dewy rose / rose jam

    I used to find Velvet Rose from Sonoma Scent Studio to be pretty fresh and a bit jammy.
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    Re: SotD Saturday, 22 December 2012

    Today I wore the last little drops of my Caron Nuit de Noel. Sigh! I meant to save them until I can scrounge up another bottle, but it's that time of year and I can't help myself!

    Will need to go...
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    Sonoma Scent Studio bottles

    Looking for Sonoma Scent Studio, any bottles except for her musk scents (Sienna or Egyptian) or Femme Jolie.

    Would like to trade with anything on my swaplist, primarily Penhaligon's Amaranthine....
  22. PG's Sandaraque, Lostmarch's Lann-Ael, L'Artisan's Bois Farine

    I love love love Sandaraque and was wondering how these other two cereal scents compare. Anyone have any general insights/comparisons? I'd love to hear them!
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    Re: Damn! I spilled it!

    -I fumbled my little extrait bottle of precious Arpege three days ago, doused my arm. I was trying to dab lightly too!

    -previously, I fumbled my bottle of vintage Cabochard bath oil and spilt half...
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    Re: Your top 10.....

    Top Ten of all time

    1.) vintage Shalimar cologne
    2.) Parfums de Nicolai Sacrebleu
    3.) vintage Emeraude pdt
    4.) Dior's Dior-Dior
    5.) Pierre Cardin's Cardin
    6.) vintage Rochas Femme
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    Re: Eau de Cologne Femme - Rochas

    How large is your bottle?

    Maybe you could try to ebay it for $50-$65? It's hard, because I saw such a wide variety of prices when looking for my bottle.
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    Re: Eau de Cologne Femme - Rochas

    Oh thank goodness! I already have a bottle of the Cresp version and didn't want ANOTHER.

    And I agree. I sort of love the way that he reinterpreted the bodily, intimate notes of the original Femme...
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    Re: Eau de Cologne Femme - Rochas

    I was just about to post on this! I recently bought this bottle: and now I'm worried it might...
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    Original Armani scent (Femme) 1982

    Can anyone give me an idea of what this one is like? I think there is only one review on basenotes!

    Is it really very dry? Is it animalic like Paloma Picasso? Is it intensely perfumey like Niki de...
  29. Eau de Lanvin? Is it an edt, edp, or cologne?

    Lanvin released Arpege and My Sin (and probably other fragrances) as 'eau de lanvin's. Does anyone know what Eau de Lanvin stands for, an edt, edp, cologne?
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    Re: SotD Wednesday, 20 April 2011

    Coty Les Muses today!
  31. Re: Vintage Magie Noire issues and questions

    Jacona, I agree! I collect vintage Tabu because of that better-with-age phenomenon. Some of my vintage Tabu has a lovely liquorish-leathery note now, that I find so gorgeous!

    I think though, that...
  32. Re: Vintage Magie Noire issues and questions

    Hi teardrop! Thanks for responding. It was one of these bottles:...
  33. Re: Floral female fragrances are usually not sexy

    Cool story, bro.
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    Re: Diorella lover, anyone?

    Oh gosh, I love old Dior. I think the modern Diorella is pretty good, but the vintage is smokier to my nose.

    I love Dior Dior in the same way. It's the floral (narcissus) version of Diorella, or...
  35. Vintage Magie Noire issues and questions

    I am a vintage Magie Noire fanatic, I can't get enough.

    Recently, I tried purchasing one of the pre-reformulation edt bottles (in the black plastic flask-style) from parfum1 and when it came, it...
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    Re: Today I Bought - March 2011

    I've had such amazing luck antiquing lately! I grabbed a My Sin Eau de Lanvin metal 50 ml bottle still in its box, perfect condition. And then I took a drive to an antique mall I've never visited...
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    Re: Mitsouko EDC questions?

    GelbeDomino that sounds gorgeous! That's basically exactly what I'd want in a bottle of edc. Excellent!

    knit_at_nite I love those donut shaped Guerlain bottles! I mean, so many of their older...
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    Mitsouko EDC questions?

    I just was looking to buy a pre-reformulation bottle of Mitsouko, but of course trying to navigate through the information about which toilette vintages are the best and why was trying. So I ended up...
  39. Re: Heartbreaking Spills and Great Losses

    Lessa, oh no! Will you be able to wear it ever again? I spilled a tester bottle of Cartier Panthere in my purse once and now cannot stand the scent of it. I even ended up throwing the purse away,...
  40. Heartbreaking Spills and Great Losses

    This morning I went to dab on a tiny drop of vintage Cabochard bath oil and spilled almost all of what I had left on my dresser. I could cry!

    What are your greatest spills, losses? Commiserate!
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    Re: Gorilla Perfume Samples Arrived!

    I loved the Imogen Rose! But it seems to only be sold on the UK website. Can it be purchased in any way if I live in the states? I have no idea.
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    Re: Thierry Mugler Womanity

    I love the smell of Womanity! But strangely, I think I'd prefer to eat something that smelled like it than wear it as a perfume. That said, I couldn't take my nose off my arm while I had it on! Mmmm.
  43. Syrian Rose oil? (also! Musk Deer soap!)

    My brother-in-law was in Syria for a few months and brought back some lovely smellies! First, two little roll-on bottles of what the vendors in the souk called "Damascus Rose". I know that most...
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    Regina Harris dupe?

    I've been awol for a bit, but now I come asking for advice from you ladies (and gents).

    I've fallen in love with Regina Harris's Frankincense-Myrrh-Rose Maroc. It's just so soft and wearable, yet...
  45. Re: Small, Independent Perfumers to try?

    Oooh, Mystic. Do you have any favorites?
  46. Small, Independent Perfumers to try?

    I've tried Ava Luxe, DSH oils, and Sonoma Scent Studio. Can you guys recommend anyone else I should check out?
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    Re: Parfums de Nicolai - favorites?

    w3pearl, I love them too! Sacrebleu was my first niche purchase, and I love Le Temps D'Une Fete, even though I've always been repelled by narcissus. I want to expand my collection at some point, and...
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    Parfums de Nicolai - favorites?

    I need recs for Parfums de Nicolai! What are your favorites?

    I'm really interested in hearing about which masculines from the house are wearable as feminines. Thanks guys!
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    Re: Scented Deodorant Recs?

    He didn't grow up around scent or men who used it, so he thinks it's kind of fussy. Let it be known that he used to think it was fussy to use SOAP in his hair until we met.

    I want to SMELL things...
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    Re: SotD - Sunday, the 2nd of May

    Today is CDG 2 Man with a few dabs of DSH Vanille-Tonka. Perfect.
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    Scented Deodorant Recs?

    My husband will NOT wear scent, but he will wear whatever deodorant I buy him. Recently I noticed Terre d'Hermes in deodorant stick form and have been curious ever since.

    Can you guys rec other...
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    Re: Ange ou Démon de Givenchy

    The original AoD reminded me of Alien. Did anyone else get that impression.
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    Re: Sonoma Scent Studio

    I was reading this thread a few days ago and caved in, bought a few bottles.

    I am so glad I did! Thanks, guys. I am a little startled by the sheer quality of these frags. I ordered Wood Violet,...
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    Re: SotD Wednesday 28 April

    A sample of DSH's Tunisian Opium. It's so soft and gorgeous and well-blended! I love DSH oils.
  55. Re: Today I sampled...March and April 2010

    I just ordered DSH's Shalimar dupe! I wonder if it'll be any better than your experience with The Fragrance Shop. Have you tried any of her dupes?
  56. PdN's Sacrebleu vs. Sacrebleu Intense

    I love Sacrebleu and recently grabbed a 30 ml. Now I'm wondering if I should bother with the intense version? Is it possibly more incensy? Has anyone tried both? What did you think?
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    Attar recs?

    Hi menfolk. I'm just getting into buying attars and oils, but find it nearly impossible to find good info on different brands/types/mixes.

    I'd love something incensy...frankincense and myrrh and...
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    Re: Ebay woe!

    Ha, I'm starting to think when one door closes, another opens...when it comes to perfume. I lost the Lentheric, but my friend just called this morning to say she was cleaning out a house for a friend...
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    Re: Ebay woe!

    30 Roses, I was HOPING that there was some other explanation, and thought it might work that way, though I wasn't sure of the details. So I am glad it wasn't such a terrible close-call.

    It was...
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    Ebay woe!

    So only yesterday I was posting about the factory sealed vintage I was about to procure for my collection, completely certain that it was only a matter of time before it would be mine.

    Well, my...
  61. Re: Buying unopened, boxed vintage perfume

    Dimitri! Thank you. I think...I could be very pleased with a partially evaporated bottle. That won't be so terrible! I imagine if it was shattered in there, the seller would have noticed and...
  62. Re: Buying unopened, boxed vintage perfume

    Asha, the horrors! The bottle I'm buying is not very expensive, but I am afraid I've already given my hopes up! I would love a pristine bottle of this scent and have always promised myself I'd grab...
  63. Re: Buying unopened vintage perfume

    Dimitri, I think I was too vague! I meant unopened perfume as...still in its box, wrapped. I'm so worried this thing I'm buying (I should say) is going to show up at my house broken in its box. OR...
  64. Buying unopened, boxed vintage perfume

    How risky do you think this is? What are your experiences buying unopened, factory sealed vintages?

    Am I going to make a terrible mistake if I do it? Ack!
  65. Re: Today I sampled...March 2010

    vintagevogue, I know! All the reviews made it sound exactly my style. Even The Guide gave it a thumbs up, "True Gardenia" rec so I thought I couldn't go wrong.

    Luckily, it was a Marshalls buy....
  66. Re: Today I sampled...March 2010

    I grabbed a Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia giftbox today, unsniffed. I've loved most of the Private Collection scents and have been snatching up a LOT of Gardenia frags lately.

    It's lovely,...
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    Re: Mystery perfume. Help!

    w3pearl...ohh, they DO look similar. I'm not sure! It looks like this one has a plastic/glass/see-through top while the one I bought has a metal top.
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    Mystery perfume. Help!

    Can anyone tell me what these are? They look so familiar, but I'm drawing a blank. They might be vingtage, but you never know in the place where my sister picked them up.

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    Re: SotD Friday 2 April

    I've got my new Montale Attar dabbed on my wrists (thanks, ANGIESDOEBOY!) and a few sprays of YSL's Nu. Perfect.

    Good weekend, everybody!
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    Re: ** TABU ** your opinions please

    I LOVE vintage Tabu. I even collect it (well, I'll never NOT buy a bottle if I see it). I think the vintage has a depth and quality the newer perfume lacks, but I also think Tabu is a gaudy-sweet,...
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    Perfume Dreams

    Someone in the SOTD thread was talking about her perfume dream (turquoisewater, I think?) and it reminded me how the other night, I had an anxiety dream about going to an antique mall and seeing a...
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    Re: SOTD - Thursday - 1 April, 2010

    Two little dabs of vintage Cabochard bath oil on my wrists (SO PRETTY, ugh). And a little spray of Amouage Epic Woman. Lovely!

    Also, haha. I'm so out of it. I was like "Wow, these people really...
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    Re: Need a lighter Patchouli scent

    I second Nombril Immense. It's just starting to get hot here in LA again and I'm LOVING it. It's light-wearing like a cologne, but long-wearing. A nice, pleasant patchouli scent, not too spicy or...
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    Poll: Re: Mixing scents... blasphemy or art??

    I love to layer! I stick to the same families, keep one scent close to my heart and the other on my wrists so there's an added depth. One scent greets you and the other is like a secret you might...
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    Re: SoTD, Friday 26 March, 2010

    I just got Nombril Immense by ELDO in a swap and I adore it. I think I'll wear it again today.
  76. Re: Highly evaluated here - total crap on you?

    Ugh, yes. Chinatown on me too. It's just muddy-sweet on me.
  77. Replies

    Re: SotD Wednesday 24 March

    Happy Birthday Sunnyfunny!

    Today I think I'll put on YSL's Nu.

    Oh! Yesterday was the first time I've ever had a stranger stop me in the street to ask me what perfume I was wearing. It was...
  78. Re: Highly evaluated here - total crap on you?

    Bulgari Black for me too. I don't think it's terrible, but I don't want to smell like rubber.

    And I'll add the new Mitsouko reformulation. It just smells almost linear, sharp and shallow to me....
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    Re: Sour Shalimar Eau Legere?

    Oh you're so lucky! I've been wanting a bottle of that forever. I have the Shalimar Light version, and it's just too sweet on me.
  80. Re: Searching for a scent. Does this even exist?

    OH NO. So many things to try! I think I'm going to have to search for some Jolie Madame. ACK. Another thing to add to my to-sample list. ALSO, I'm about to purchase a bottle of vintage Ma Griffe from...
  81. Re: Vacation / hot weather scent suggestions?

    I really love wearing Shalimar in the summer. It blooms so beautifully, with all this golden-buttery warmth. Some people get a lot of powder out of Shalimar, but i've never had that problem. It's...
  82. Searching for a scent. Does this even exist?

    I'm looking for a buttery, almost tropical gardenia + leather.

    Is there such a thing? I love the buttery quality of the gardenia in Fracas, but there's another white floral note in there that is a...
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    Re: Shalimar EDT. Where's the love?

    Mr. G, thank you! I think my edt must be vintage after all, or at least pre-90s. It's much smokier and deeper than the current edp of Shalimar, at least. I had no idea that Shalimar had such a...
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    Re: Shalimar EDT. Where's the love?

    madame du Barry: I guess I've realized that vintage ANYTHING with Shalimar is better than Shalimar now. So my edt is vintage and my edp is current and I have to say, I much prefer the vintage edt to...
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    Shalimar EDT. Where's the love?

    I've always passed over the edt because everyone said it was sub-par. But I just grabbed an inexpensive old edt gift set and holy smoke,'s LOVELY.

    Certainly not as smooth as the edp,...
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    Re: Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    Zibeline, how is the...texture of these? I feel like a lot of vintage frags are so coveted because they have a depth modern frags are often missing. Does LLP use oak moss??
  87. Replies

    Long Lost Perfumes: The good? The bad?

    Since I'm apparently now on a vintage kick, I was wondering if I could get some recs for Long Lost Perfume scents. What are your favorites? Which have disappointed you? Anyone?
  88. Re: Your greatest vintage finds! (I love these kinds of threads)

    Nebraskalovesscent! I'm so glad you shared. I'm attending my friend's funeral this weekend and I've been trying to think about what I should wear. It sounds silly to worry about that, but she was the...
  89. Re: Your greatest vintage finds! (I love these kinds of threads)

    bonsai, you should! I had been putting it off for a while because I thought the prices would all be high. But I don't think anyone had ever shopped through my area, looking for vintage perfume. All...
  90. Re: Your greatest vintage finds! (I love these kinds of threads)

    Sunnyfunny, I hear you about liking moderns better. For me there's a trade-off. There's more variety in moderns (while it seems like, in some eras, they just threw oak moss and civet into every...
  91. Re: Your greatest vintage finds! (I love these kinds of threads)

    I just stared at the La Rose for a while and tried to decide what to do! I was all hung up because, if I OPEN it, that's IT. I'm becoming a REAL perfume collector! I can't just pretend I'm DABBLING...
  92. Re: Amazing vintage finds but now I don't know if I should buy!

    I just wanted to say that I did not buy the Diorissimos. Bois de Jasmin had a post about how vintage Diorissimo should be a light yellow color. Anything that's turned ambery has degraded beyond...
  93. Re: Your greatest vintage finds! (I love these kinds of threads)

    Oh my gosh. I went back to the antiques warehouse today to dig through the cold back lot section, where everything's just in this dark shed area and found an unopened bottle of Coty La Rose...
  94. Re: Your greatest vintage finds! (I love these kinds of threads)

    Sunnyfunny, I love hearing your stories. I have seen a newer (newish?) bottle of Molinard de Molinard. I wonder if it's as good as your vintage! What is the scent like?
  95. Re: Your greatest vintage finds! (I love these kinds of threads)

    Antaeusintheair: Today at the antique barn I saw what looked to be a giant old Shalimar disk flacon fatice, but there was only a little ambery liquid at the bottom with floaties and it looked so much...
  96. Re: Your greatest vintage finds! (I love these kinds of threads)

    Le Grand Duc:

    I once gave away one of those old egg-shaped bottles of Donna Karan Black Cashmere because it wasn't a good scent for me. Now I love that dark-saffrony incense and wish I had it...
  97. Re: Your greatest vintage finds! (I love these kinds of threads)

    Nebraskalovesscent: I always seem to hear about estate sales late! Those were good finds. Also, vintage Magie Noire is one of my dream vintages! Someday...sigh.

    Hillaire: Your finds are...
  98. Your greatest vintage finds! (I love these kinds of threads)

    I love reading about everyone's (enviously excellent) vintage finds!

    Yesterday I found a tiny bottle of vintage Shalimar for $10.00. And since my antiquing went so well, I went out to the antique...
  99. Re: Amazing vintage finds but now I don't know if I should buy!

    I loved the Infini too, so I am glad you found such a great deal. Thank you for sharing with me.

    Eek, I love hearing about people's vintage finds so much! I think I might start another thread...
  100. Amazing vintage finds but now I don't know if I should buy!

    i was reading through one of those "Can you believe my luck?" posts and thought that, since I had a little time this weekend, I'd go check out the antique shops in my area that I've never looked in....
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