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  1. Re: Proposed Live Chat - Response Requested - Choice of Day & Items to Evaluate

    Thanks Mumsy, as a mom with two teenagers, I completely understand. :)
  2. Re: Proposed Live Chat - Response Requested - Choice of Day & Items to Evaluate

    <<crickets>> :lolk:

    Is anyone into chatting with each other again?
  3. Proposed Live Chat - Response Requested - Choice of Day & Items to Evaluate

    Dear Friends,
    I am proposing to have another live chat on either Sunday Feb 15 or Sat Feb 21 at 3:00 pm EST. The time needs to stay firm as it suits most of the world (waking hours) and I am...
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    Re: Introducing myself

    Welcome to the forum Drav!
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    Re: Group buy for GC/MS

    As someone who used to reverse engineer flavors for Seagrams (Wine cooler flavors mostly), I agree that it can be very frustrating but on the other hand, does provide maybe enough information to get...
  6. Re: We are Meeting on Skype right now

    Oh no, we can't have that! Perhaps the following Sunday then? 2/15?
  7. Re: We are Meeting on Skype right now

    Thanks Amar! I think it I will try to have another chat on Sunday Feb 8 at 3 p.m. EST. I will poll the group to see if that is convenient.
  8. Re: We are Meeting on Skype right now

    Thanks I am now looking into it! Skype worked relatively well though, do you know of any reason why this isn't a good way to go? I only chose it because people are familiar with this platform.
  9. Re: We are Meeting on Skype right now

    Hi Mumsy, There were 9 of us on the call which lasted a couple of hours. All I really need is your Skype name for next time.
  10. Re: We are Meeting on Skype right now

    It was really great, will definitely do it again!
  11. We are Meeting on Skype right now

    Please add my screen name "onlydemi" to your Skype contacts. And call in now!
  12. Re: Google Hangout Saturday Jan 17?

    Oh dear, if you can download it and tell me your username, I can do the rest :)
  13. Re: Google Hangout Saturday Jan 17?

    Hello Everyone!
    I was just testing the hangout today and unfortunately Google limits us to only 10 people per call. I am going to move this chat to Skype instead which allows us up to 25 people. ...
  14. Re: Linalool - A Flavor Perspective

    Hi Renegade! In answer to your question, YES! when I was a flavorist at Seagrams I used a ton of Linalool in the Blueberry Flavor that went into Wild Berries Wine Cooler. This was when they were...
  15. Re: Google Hangout Saturday Jan 17?

    Hi Mumsy, No worries! We will certainly do this sort of thing again if it works :) Even if you have a couple of these, it might be fun!
    Kind Regards,
  16. Linalool - A Flavor Perspective

    The author of this article is one of most well-respected flavorists in the industry. I thought perhaps his assessment of LINALOOL for flavors might also be helpful for fragrances as well. Linalool is...
  17. Re: Google Hangout Saturday Jan 17?

    Greetings All!
    Our Google Hangout is scheduled for this coming Saturday Jan 24 at 3:00 pm EST. If you think you may attend, kindly send me your GMAIL email address to...
  18. Re: Google Hangout Saturday Jan 17?

    Kit is available at
    Click "shop" and "kits"

    If you can order by Tuesday, the kit should reach you in time for the hangout.

    See you next week!
  19. Re: Google Hangout Saturday Jan 17?

    Dear All,
    Due to an unavoidable personal matter, I am going to have to postpone our Google Hangout until next Saturday 1/24. It will be at the same time (3:00pm EST) I regret any inconvenience this...
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    Re: Vetiveryl Acetate!

    Perhaps you can contact Ernesto Ventos in Barcelona who may send you a sample? They manufacture this so it's worth a shot! Note that this product is SYNTHETIC (there seems to be confusion...
  21. Re: Google Hangout Saturday Jan 17?

    Hi Everyone!
    Just a reminder that we are having a GOOGLE HANGOUT on Saturday Jan 17 at 3:00 pm EST. I will post a link here on that day and time, please join us to say hi if you can!
  22. Re: Volatile Constituents in Pumpkin

    Hi Nizan, I don't know if I know the smell of cooked pumpkin, but I do know cooked winter squash (same family) and yes I would say there are similarities to raw pumpkin there. I know the smell of raw...
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    Re: short presentation and thanks

    Welcome Enrico!
    Let me know if you have trouble obtaining any ingredients. Happy to send you samples.
  24. Re: Volatile Constituents in Pumpkin

    Awww I love that smell!
  25. Volatile Constituents in Pumpkin

  26. European Federation of Essential Oils - Current Circular

    I am passing along some information I received today from the W.F.F.C. (Women in Flavor & Fragrance Commerce) in case of interest.

    EFEO Circular Letter N 19 of 17th December, 2014...
  27. Re: Your top 10 perfumery raw materials

    Happy New Year Friends!

    As a supplier, I am of course :wink: reading this thread with much interest!

    If you are having any trouble obtaining any raw materials, kindly drop me a line, as I am...
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    Re: Warm Glow?

    I know it isnt the same as being in person but maybe the Google Hangout I proposed might be a step in this direction? I'm also happy to accept personal creations from everyone (even unfinished ones)...
  29. Learning Perfumery: Classes and Schools

    Hi All,
    I thought this article might be helpful!

    best wishes for a wonderful holiday season :2vrolijk_08:
  30. Google Hangout Saturday Jan 17?

    Hi All,
    Would anyone be interested in a live evaluation session on Saturday Jan 17? To simplify, I can make a kit of say..10 items (around 2g each) available on PSH and ship them to whoever wants...
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    Re: Benzoin Siam

    Hi zz, Yes I can certainly add it, I am just trying to gauge the level of interest.

    I would like to mention that in general, anything that I offer as "samples" or "for a short time" can be added...
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    Re: Benzoin Siam

    I can obtain some lovely smelling Benzoin Siam MD from Ventos which as been molecular distilled and is pourable. It is my understanding that Ventos distills the resinoid to make this product.
  33. Re: Big Perfume Makers Smell Threat from Niche Scents

    Hi nature!
    Here are two links to the all four episodes. You can choose whatever is easier for you.

    WondAROMA podcast on Libsyn --
    In iTunes --...
  34. Big Perfume Makers Smell Threat from Niche Scents

    I thought you all might appreciate this article in The Economic Times posted on LinkedIn today.

    "Niche brands take up increasingly more shelf space at upmarket department stores such as Harrods in...
  35. PSH Special - Trans-4-Decenal & Ambrinol 95 Available for a short time

    Greetings Everybody, I hope you are ready for the holidays!

    I will have some stock of TRANS-4-DECENAL BEDOUKIAN (powerful cardamom note) and ALPHA AMBRINOL 95 IFF (powerful Amber/Animalic) in...
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    Re: clearwood firmenich

    Come visit, I've got some!
  37. Re: DIY Suppliers with MSDS, Certificate of analysis and Declaration of Allergens

    Hi Irina!
    Just a footnote that Perfumer Supply House offers an MSDS for each product, and any other documents are available upon request.
    Thanks so much,
  38. Re: PSH Unlisted Item - Robertet Fractionated Lisylang Heart

    Hi Everyone! Happy Snowy Day in Connecticut!
    I still have some Lisylang Heart available! Let me know if you're interested.

    Kindest Regards,
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    Re: Ethyl 2,4-Decadienoate

    I can get you a sample! Please email me at !
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    Re: Olibanum Resinoid

    Perfumer Supply House will be adding Olibanum Resinoid (Firmenich quality) to the website by this weekend, just FYI!
    Kind Regards,
  41. Re: buy chimical molecule on alibaba

    Agree, I have been ripped off a couple of times by Chinese suppliers. For example, if they ask for Western Union payment, beware.
  42. Re: PSH Unlisted Item - Robertet Fractionated Lisylang Heart

    Greetings one and all! ALL of the Lisylang Heart orders have been shipped (yesterday actually!) You should get them this week!

    I still have some available, please contact me at...
  43. Re: The effect of cardamom on a composition

    Hi All,
    I know many of you prefer to use the natural, however I do have a small amount of Trans-4-decenal (thanks go to Nizan for this!) from bedoukian if anyone wants a small sample! On a side...
  44. Re: PSH Unlisted Item - Robertet Fractionated Lisylang Heart

    Hi Jazz,
    Flat rate to Europe is $25.00.

    Kind Regards
  45. Re: PSH Unlisted Item - Robertet Fractionated Lisylang Heart

    Hello Jaztweety,
    I can give you some options (First Class Intl or Priority Intl) if you are able to send me your address to
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    Re: Thick patchouli oil

    Hmm this might be a long shot, it is possible if it has been exposed to air that maybe some polymerization occurred of some of the components?
    If so, it would be just fine to use it if you like it,...
  47. PSH Unlisted Item - Robertet Fractionated Lisylang Heart

    For a limited time I can offer 100g and 200g quantities of Robertet's LISYLANG HEART ($50.00 for 100g and $100.00 for 200g) plus shipping.
    Available beginning 11/12/14 until stock is...
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    Re: Oudh experiment

    Hi Folly!
    Welcome to the forum! Let me know if I can help with some ingredients here
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    Re: Givaudan order

    I do have a flat rate to anywhere in the U.S. of $10.00.
    Please let me know if you have any more questions!
  50. Quotes from Luca Turin's "The Secret of Scent"

    Good Sunday evening,
    If you are so inclined, please check out my latest blog posts at Perfumer Supply House:
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    Re: Perfumer's World

    All part of the learning process! :-)
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    Re: What does v.p mean?

    Hi Leanne,
    The Vapor Pressure can be a useful parameter as it gives one an idea of the rate of evaporation. A substance with a high vapor pressure at normal temperatures is often referred to as...
  53. Re: replacing rose ketones due to IFRA limits

    Hi Nicolas,
    If I may make a couple of suggestions from more of a flavor background. When I think of plum notes and essential oils, I use Petitgrain Mandarin or maybe Osmanthus Absolute. I see where...
  54. Re: 2,6 nonadienal ( cucumber aldehyde ) in Arranging Fine Perfume Compositions - Brechbill

    Happy to get some nonadienal from Bedoukian for anyone who wants to try it. I can also consider offering in a dilution (maybe 0.1% in DPG?)
    Kind Regards,
  55. Thank you from Perfumer Supply House

    I would like to thank those of you who have provided very constructive feedback regarding our 5 gram bottle caps. I have figured out the problem with the plastic cone inserts and the problem of the...
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    Re: PSH's Zeppin

    No worries, I will send you another Zeppin sample free of charge. I am having some issues with the plastic cone insert on the bottles, and may need to try something else.
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    Re: PSH's Zeppin

    Oh no! Nizan did the plastic insert come out of the black cap when you opened it?
  58. Re: PSH provides help with hard to find materials

    Thanks Nizan, I hope you get it soon!
    Hi Irina, Yes all requested documentation can be provided.
    Cheers All!
  59. Re: PSH provides help with hard to find materials

    LOL thanks Nizan, did you get yours today?
  60. PSH provides help with hard to find materials

    Hi Everyone!
    I realize that everyone has their own specific needs, and some materials are hard to get.

    Due to my relationship with certain suppliers, Perfumer Supply House can offer samples of...
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    Re: Odour thresholds

    Hi Milhaus,
    I have good news and bad news.
    The good news is, there is a table available, unfortunately these two compounds are not there, primarily because this list is based on FEMA GRAS...
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    Re: Fabric Mist Know-How?

    Hi Ivanj,
    Google may be helpful here, but you can certainly add some water to your mixture. I would recommend adding some drops of essential oil to the alcohol first, then add water, and you don't...
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    Re: Givaudan order

    Hi Islearom,
    Please send me an email to with a list of items you may need from Ventos, and I will let you know the answers to your questions.
    Thanks! Christine
  64. Just posted Episode 2 of WondAROMA with Pia Long

    Hello friends,
    The October episode is available on the website and also on iTunes (please subscribe and rate!) This was an hour long (how could it be anything else ::))conversation with a most...
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    Re: Rose accord

    Hi All,
    May I ask here, are you all just interested in natural "isolates?" Or will natural (EU Natural that is) do? I should have a nice selection before the end of the year on PSH.
    Kind Regards,...
  66. WondAROMA episode 2 with Pia Long is coming this week!

    Pia and I spoke a few weeks ago about how she got started in the fragrance industry, and she gives her take on the regulations. Show notes (links) will be posted on the PSH website blog along with...
  67. New TryScent strips - Has anyone tried them?

    Good Sunday morning friends!
    I was wondering if anyone has tried these new blotters/test strips to evaluate fragrance?

  68. Re: Alpha Irone Now Available on Perfumer Supply House

    Thanks Justin! Hello flagellum! Please email me anytime!
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    Re: Alternative to Hermitage - AUS

    I have mostly synthetics and can ship to Australia at a reasonable rate.
  70. Re: Natural Identical Vs Synthetic

    Non-nature-identical chemicals are not any more harmful than natural identical chemicals. Chemicals are chemicals, no one type (natural, natural identical (synthetic), non-natural identical...
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    Re: Givaudan order

    Hi there, no... they have distributors who sell their products in small quantities ( does Givaudan), and you also may find some of their materials on my site
  72. Replies

    Re: Alpha-Irone source?

    Hi All, I haven't read all of the posts here but wanted to let JEBeasley know that PSH now offers Alpha Irone (as of yesterday).

  73. Replies

    Re: Snow Notes

    I can get the Mintonat for you! Send me an email to and we'll work something out!
  74. Alpha Irone Now Available on Perfumer Supply House

    Quick Announcement!

    I have just added Alpha Irone to (it is IN STOCK) if anyone is interested. Neat and 10% dilutions available in 5g and 25g quantities. I also...
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    Re: Becoming A Supplier

    Hi Saponier!
    I would be happy to speak with you by phone if you want or need a sounding board. I say the more the merrier too. The greatest satisfaction I get from PSH is providing things...
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    Re: Essential Oil Database...?

    Here's the link!
  77. Replies

    Re: Galaxolide 50% IPM - Scent?

    Hi Leanne!
    I can get you a sample of the Galaxolide DEP, and I'm in the U.S. Drop me a line at if you're interested!
  78. Replies

    Re: Mango

    I did a quick search on TGSC and these results might be of interest

    I am working with a distillate manufacturer...
  79. Re: Natural Coconut Fragrance Mystery

    If lotions are water soluble, they could easily be using Coconut Essence or Distillate or Juice. All of these things are considered Natural Coconut Fragrances, in fact they could be listed as just...
  80. Re: New Podcast - WondAROMA, an exciting interview with Perfumers driven show format

    Hi All, You can also find the podcast on the Perfumer Supply House website which contain he Show Notes. (

    It should be available on iTunes in another day or...
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    Re: PSH's Zeppin

    Thanks, that's okay, it doesn't need to be compare to Hedione. It is a different molecule.
  82. Replies

    Re: PSH's Zeppin

    Thanks Bill!
  83. Replies

    Re: Meyer Lemon EO Cold Pressed

    If anyone has tried the Meyer Lemon Oil from our store, I would greatly appreciate if you could leave a review here:
    This might help others...
  84. Replies

    Re: PSH's Zeppin

    If any of you have the time, I would be grateful to those who have tried Zeppin to add a "review" on the Zeppin product page on I think it might help others decide...
  85. Upcoming Podcast called WondAROMA

    Hi Everyone,
    Just an heads up I hope it's okay to post this here.
    In the next couple of weeks I will be launching a new podcast (totally free) called WondAROMA - a look inside the fragrance &...
  86. Re: New England Fragrance Artisan Salon?

    Yes I can although I know Paul Kiler has been to several and received some awards there and can likely give a better answer. Here is a link to an event that was recently held in Seattle:
  87. New England Fragrance Artisan Salon?

    I am kind of hijacking an idea I saw on another forum (General Fragrance Discussion) about an idea to form a salon here on the East Coast of the U.S.A.

    I am considering hosting a salon in...
  88. Re: Looking to start (or join) a perfume salon in Rhode Island

    Hi! I am considering hosting a salon in the New England area (I am in CT). How much interest would their be, how many perfumers are in the NY/NJ/CT/MA/RI area?
  89. Replies

    Re: What make it sexy?

    I have Amberketal if anyone wants a 1-2 gram sample!
  90. by Glen O. Brechbill

    I apologize if this is old news, but I recently stumbled onto this website (which is a free ebook apparently) and thought it would be of interest/use to everyone is quite...
  91. Replies

    Re: Very simple accords?

    Adding my $0.02.
    Linalool + Isovalerates = a good place to start for blueberry (at least from my flavorist experience...)
  92. Replies

    Re: Mellis Accord

    Happy to send a pdf I downloaded from of "Perfumery Practice & Principles" (Calkin, Jellinek) which has some information about Mellis Accord. Just send an email to...
  93. Replies

    Re: PSH's Zeppin

    Hi All,
    I'm afraid not being a perfumer I cannot offer much in the way of where or how it is used, but perhaps the page from Zeon is helpful?...
  94. Re: diethyl- acetal Hydroxycitronellal

    Hello, I am reviving this post because Perfumer Supply House now offers Hydroxycitronellal Diethyl Acetal (if you still want it!) Here is the link for your...
  95. Inducing Temporary Selective Odor Fatigue (ITSOF)

    Has anyone ever tried this method? Basically uses the brain's selectivity to cut your fragrance into "segments" temporarily. This could be useful in copying a fragrance without a GC/MS....
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    Re: Meyer Lemon EO Cold Pressed

    Meyer Lemon has arrived in our shop! Give me a day or two to add it to the website. There are also several others getting added in the next week. Sign up to our mailing list to receive these...
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    Re: Fixateur 505/Grisambrol...

    I am working on getting this (Fixateur) from Firmenich directly. If any of you who are interested can shoot me an email to I will keep you posted!
  98. Replies

    Re: Meyer Lemon EO Cold Pressed

    Despite the cost, sinensal is one of my absolute favorites. It's a nice fruity sweet orange and relatively long lasting. At 40 ppm in the finished product,, cost in use isn't that bad.
  99. Replies

    Re: Meyer Lemon EO Cold Pressed

    I'm sorry I guess I didn't convey the "just kidding" part well enough with my little wink emoti... No rush Paul!
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    Re: Baking soda enfleurage

    Well it doesn't hurt to try... looking forward to your observations!
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