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    Back in 2010 I wrote an article which was published by Grant, after the Times, Telegraph, Spectator and New Statesman all comprehensively failed to recognise my genius; it was short-listed for a Jasmine Award. Strategic stalking led to my volunteering when Grant (aka 'Sir') needed an assistant. My duties involve dealing with e-mail, working on the database, writing news and features, faffing about with social media, and flirting outrageously with famous perfumers.

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  • Questionnaire

    1. 1. What was your first fragrance?

      Yardley English Lavender, when I was quite young.

    2. 2. Desert Island fragrance?

      Chanel no 19, Memoir, Hypnotic Poison; Desert Island house would have to be Guerlain.

    3. 3. Favourite book?

      'Under the Net' by Iris Murdoch.

    4. 4. Favourite film?

      'The Right Stuff'. It's about the space race. No one's ever heard of it, despite it being *the* greatest movie in the history of the world EVAH.

    5. 5. Favourite food?

      I'm having a soup phase right now. No, really.

    6. 6. Favourite place in the world?


    7. 7. Favourite music/Desert Island Disc?

      This turned out to be an impossible task. That said, here's a strong contender.

    8. 8. What hobbies/interests do you have apart from fragrance?

      Currently obsessed with Richard III and the Wars of the Roses; also slightly obsessed with the Apollo program. And I love fashion, although you wouldn't necessarily think it to look at me.

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