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    Default Monthly Fragrance Expenditures

    Many B'noters are from foreign countries - I do not mean to slight you by basing this poll on USA dollars; I don't know how to make it more 'user friendly'.

    Also, it would have been more accurate had I asked, "What percentage of your monthly income do you spend on fragrances?"

    For the first time in my life I am starting a budget - mortgage payment, etc. Was surprised to discover I typically spend between $100 - $150/month on frags. Of course, there are some months that I've exceeded $500 and some that I made no significant purchases. I roughly averaged my expenditures over the course of a year.

    I suppose another indicator would be "How well do you know your UPS / FedEx / postal carrier?"

    On re-reading this before posting, the worrisome phrase is 'no significant purchases'. Fragaholic code for less than $100. But you get free shipping over $75!

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    Default Re: Monthly Fragrance Expenditures

    I've included in my expenditures the 'peripheral' items: oils; soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner bases; pump and spray bottles. Making ones' own fragrances and bath products (and purchasing two or three 100ml or larger EDTs during the course of a month) doesn't necessarily save money.

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    Default Re: Monthly Fragrance Expenditures

    I am disturbed that I'm the only one spending over 500 a month. I'm sure I'm not. Not too many people have taken the poll. Maybe I can make some of that back from decant sales. Yeah right :

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    Default Re: Monthly Fragrance Expenditures

    Vegas -

    Don't worry. Your secret is safe. The only quieter place is the DIY board.


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    Default Re: Monthly Fragrance Expenditures

    Interesting. I thought the results would have yielded a bell curve. Or opposite results skewed towards higher spending.

    Changes my perceptions of average Basenoter.

    It does present a lot of questions: what proportion of decants to bottles, upper end to mass marketed, retail to discount to swap, etc. Longevity of membership in Basenotes influencing spending? Longevity change the way Basenoter spends?

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    Default Re: Monthly Fragrance Expenditures

    Well I see the poll has closed but I have spent around $500 this month easily on frags and samples. Although I wouldn't necessarily say that is an average per month or anything. I am kind of mad at myself because I am supposed to be saving up money to take my little sister to Amsterdam for her 19th bithday and I promised her I would do it around dec/jan and its getting closer. There are lots of frags and lots of time so I plan on not spending as much next month, definitely.

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    Default Re: Monthly Fragrance Expenditures

    Every dollar I spend is part of a fragrance that could have been...
    "He was some kind of a man... What does it matter what you say about people?"

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    Default Re: Monthly Fragrance Expenditures

    For this year it is up to $246. That makes it over $50 a month and that is a little rediculous. I'm not even done. I just found Surge lutens' Chergui... I'm ready to buy that one. How do I stop!?

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    Default Re: Monthly Fragrance Expenditures

    Very Interesting!

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    Default Re: Monthly Fragrance Expenditures

    I caved a bought Chergui at a really good price. I was astonished. $77!!!!!!!!!!

    That and the basenotes membership I just bought there is another $127 making this years total $374... WOW

    I just spent over $100 each month on new stuff!! WOWOWOWOWOWO I'm crazy!! Make me stopp!!

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