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    Default Starting from scratch !!

    Hi all,

    this is the first time I look at this forum and I can understand where you are going.

    Personaly I WAS shopping on bath products, and filled all the bathroom with it and bought more and used the stuff in huge quantities because I had so much in stock.

    It was not the top the range stuff, I use to buy the special offers and come home with bottles of shampoo and conditioner I would not need for years.

    It did happen that some full bottles went in the bin just because I did not need it, and bought the same stuff two weeks after on special offers. (bad)

    I was not in a financial problems because of it.

    Until one day I thought enough I emptied every draws, every shelves on the floor.

    What was very very old went in the bin.

    Then I made section of things I would not use due to allergies and it went to charity shops

    The rest It took me 1 year before I went to a shop to by a bottle of shampoo etc........

    Thank you to two big birthdays that year, I had to save for big presents

    Then I changed tactics instead of buying cheap stuff I went to the De luxe range and would only afford one bottle of shampoo and conditioner, only one bottle of face wash at £ 13.00 a tube.

    I also realised that those luxury products are highly concentrated and lasted a very long time and no allergies.

    I can assure you that did the trick for me allowing only one bottle of each in the house until the bottle is nearly finnished and buying the top quality.

    I do hope that you will arrive to stop buying without needing I suppose it is psychological in a way until you say STOP this is going out of hand.

    Same for my fragrance I do have a 600ml of Concerto Fragonard with the shower gel and the after shave and that is all, took me a while to choose that one but I feel confortable with it.

    Be strong and you can break the habit and good luck

    Invisible Power

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    Default Re: Starting from scratch !!

    Bonjour Laurent.
    Do you mean you threw all your other EDTs and only kept the Concerto?
    Seems you found your signature scent!

    Too bad their shipping rates are so high for Canada shipping.
    Also as expensive as the fragrance itself!

    François (Québec)

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    Default Re: Starting from scratch !!

    Laurent, I read the title of your post, "Starting from scratch," and I thought, "Now that's exactly what I want to do." I have a number of fragrances that I'm going to give away to a women's shelter or Good Will. This I want to do when my husband is out of the way because I don't want him to know how many bottles I have actually purchased that I don't really like and want to get rid of. I feel like an alcoholic hiding the empties in the coat closet! I have a few bottles that I'm trying to swap, just because I think someone may want them and that way I can try something new to me. And that leaves me with just a very few bottles that I either want to finish or savor without other distractions. In other words, who needs so many bottles? I only alternate between a few anyway. Sometimes I miss the days when I was a young girl with only bottle of fragrance. I truly enjoyed my one special bottle. How did I get to this point from that? I don't recognize myself. Realistically, I'm pretty sure I could be happy with about six - the right six. I don't need more, and could maybe reduce that to three. Could I make do with only three? I probably could if I had samples to play with, too. It would be an interesting experiment. So, I'm also starting from scratch, or rather trying to work my way backward to scratch.



    p.s. I hope this post doesn't seem too crazy...but then, this is the "clinic", isn't it?


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