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    Default Saving On Bath Products

    I would always purchase the bath product line for my fragrances. This was an expensive proposition.

    I recently rediscovered an old signature scent, Habit Rouge, in Bergdoff Goodman after over 20 years. I bought the related bath products online but was disappointed that they didn't smell like the regular fragrance. Someone on the temporary board gave me the idea to spray on the EDT/EDC and rub it in.

    So now with my other fragrances, I purchased in a drug store unscented shave cream, unscented after shave balm, unscented shower wash and unscented deodorant spray on which I spray the EDT/EDC.

    Since I have a number fragrances, which I will now again began rotating (I was so excited finding Habit Rouge, that was all I wore for three weeks), this method will save me a considerable amount of money by not purchasing the bath products. And if one has a lot of fragrances, each one will not be used up too soon since they will not be used every day.

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    Default Re: Saving On Bath Products

    Yes! I used to do that with an unscented aftershave balm however I have found it difficult to find unscented shampoo and unscented shower gels. [smiley=bath.gif]

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