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    Default New addict needs your help!

    Hello all

    This is my first post at this board Ų so please be gentle. I have read many of the posts here with interest and have a question that I need to ask and I think some of you might be able to give me some good advice.

    I suppose I ought to tell you a little about my interest in fragrance first. I have long held a interest is scents and fragrance but until recently have always been more interested in aromatherapy and the use of essential oils to perfume my home by burning them and the therapeutic benefits that they can have. Whilst I have been keen to smell good the size and ubiquity of the enormous high street perfumery market held little interest. And then I discovered the amazing worl of „nicheš fragrances, in particular Frederic Malle‚s Editions de Parfum. Oh my goodness! I am now an absolute convert. These are amongst the finest fragrances I have ever smelled and I feel very passionately about them and the company‚s philosophy.

    I have bought 7 bottles over the past few months from the range as well as some from Etro and Caron. This means that I now have a surfeit of fragrance that should last longer than I expected∑

    My question is this: I have heard so many conflicting reports on how to store fragrances. Yes, I know they should be kept in a cool, dark place and that light and heat are their worst enemy. However, nobody seems to say how long a bottle of perfume will last Ų some say a year, some say 3. Some say it depends on how much oxygen is in the bottle. Now with so many bottles of fragrance (some of which I want to wear seasonally only) there is no way I am going to finish them all within a year. So, have I wasted my money? Will the perfumes I bought for this winter be able to be worn with confidence next winter?

    And finally, I am thinking of investing in a fridge or chiller to keep these in. Is this the best thing to do? Again, some say that fragrances decompose in the fridge, some say they last longer. Does anyone know∑

    One last question! Anyone here think Iris Poudre is too floral for a man to wear? I love this scent but it seems a little feminine to me but it is so beautiful∑(Am single or else I would give it to my girlfriend as a gift!)

    Any answers would be most welcome



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    Default Re: New addict needs your help!

    Hi JP, welcome to the forum! I forget what the average length of time is that fragrances are supposed to hold their structure, but I've heard it's anywhere from 2 to 3 years to 5 years, and some people say their frags last longer than that. So, don't worry about them lasting only a year. I think if that was the case, consumers would lose confidence in fragrance companies.

    If you're really concerned that you'll never use up all your bottles, there's a swap and sale board on this site, and I know many people here treasure the Frederic Malle scents, as well as the others you mention, so you could decant (spray or pour) some of yours into smaller bottles and sell or trade them to other eager and willing Basenotes members!

    As for storage, a cool, dark cupboard, closet or drawer should be fine. Some people do keep them in a fridge, which is advantageous if you live in the tropics. I suppose even some people in the U.S. do that, but I don't think it's necessary.

    As to your Iris Poudre, I think it's all up to what you like to wear...many on this board don't care if a scent's labeled male or female...if it works for them, they wear it. If you're shy about wearing it to the office, just wear it at home and dance around! Or wear it to the movies etc.

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    Default Re: New addict needs your help!

    Hi i'm quite new too. And definitely new at posting. haha. Your frags sound great. If you ever have decants i would want some. haha i'm at the stage when i want to try everything!

    Anyway about your storage, it depends... I have like close to 40 bottles and stay in Singapore and they definitely last past 2 years if stored out of direct sunlight. I have one thats a good 4 years old! Best to keep them in their original box in your closet or something. someplace with a regulated temperature thats cool...

    Oxygen is not a big problem. Just that unused perfumes definitely can last longer than ones that are used. Also, if you want to decant, try not to open the nozzle too often and expose the bottle to air..

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    Default Re: New addict needs your help!

    I'm something of a newbie to serious fragrance appreciation, but I am the proud owner of some bottles that are about 20 years old. I have observed that, kept properly, most change little if at all, while a few can lose their punch or go bad. Some are like wine, and can get better with age. Generally speaking, cool and dark are very helpful, but the most important factor for me seems to be oxygen. Specifically, sprays seem to last far longer than pour and splash bottles, presumably because they are better protected from oxygen and contamination. I try to buy only sprays nowadays, and if I do use a pour bottle, then I decant to an pocket atomizer and not my hands. Also, any frag on the counter that is not in a dark container gets covered by the original box, with the bottom cut out. A useful trick I learned from an SA.

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    Default Re: New addict needs your help!

    My best advice is to get involved in a relationship that makes you happy. I notice that I have had little interest in fragrances when in a happy relationship, especially if the woman is indifferent to scent as an artform.

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    Default Re: New addict needs your help!

    Needless to say you got "hooked" on some top shelf scents! Enjoy them and don't worry about spoilage.
    Most scents are in spray bottles which adds to their life. If your fragrance is in a splash on form, each time you open it air, humidity and pollution can taint the aroma, so use them up quickly.
    Spray bottles kept in a cool, dark place..closets, drawers, out of sunlight exposure..and NOT EVER in a bathroom~! The humidity will permiate and destroy the best of aromas.
    I keep all my scents in my closet and several drawers where the air temperature is controlled via A/C in the Summer and low heat settings in the Winter.
    If you have back-ups, leave them in their sealed boxes and only open them as needed.
    Welcome to the Clinic! Fragrance addicition is a wonderful thing! Only those in the "know" can totally understand!
    Enjoy and keep spritzin'!!
    ernie gallo

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    Default Re: New addict needs your help!


    Am also new here,

    With regards to aroma therapy, ive heard controversial news about having them burn in an air condition room ie bedroom over the night. With some claiming that there is toxicity in the burning candles when in a enclosed environment, but i don't have the habit myself so i havent really read too much into it and therefore cant really comment.

    With regards to fragrances, ive been "hooked' for quite a time, though alot of new info and influence have been realised on this forum. I've a wine cooler for storing opened bottles but i keep my unopened collection in the closet away from any direct sunlight and heat, and use a anti-humidity silicon bags to keep the storage dry for they wont all fit into the cooler. As for its benefits, i believe it would help since im from a tropical country with very high humidity, and it made sense a cooler would do some good. To be honest I was exposed to the existance of "niche fragrances" only when i got involved in this forum, and im slowly getting more insightful. Im still quite hesistent to get shell out on a niche bottle because I have never spent quite that much on one. With so many raving about them, i find it extremely difficult to avoid harbouring ideas to expand my range beyond the "mainstream".

    Im really impressed with this forum and i believe most would find their time here very fulfulling and educating. For me its great to be in the cyber company of other "addicts" regardless of mainstream or niche. A great sense of belonging really gets me quite excited almost everytime i post or read about other members and their experiences.

    btw one of my fave scent, the CD Sauvage, is also close to 2 decades(much thicker than the ones sold presently when i tried, probably due to reformulation) old coz they belonged to my grandfather and i've always kept most of his personal belongings sentimentally for quite some time now

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    Default Re: New addict needs your help!

    I would suggest you to give it to your girlfriend as a gift!she definitely feel very happy.
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    Default Re: New addict needs your help!

    JP, greetings and a warm welcome!

    I think your acquisitions will peak and plateau in cycles over time - having collected fragrances for 35+ years, I can attest to that. I can also attest that although one's interest in fragrances may seem manic or obsessive, your core common sense reliably kicks in when it's necessary.

    I've stored my fragrances in the same room for some years now - I chose this room because it's on the more shaded side of my building, and tends to stay cooler even when the central heat is on. They are in a stacked-bin type of heavy duty plastic column - not elegant, but functional and safe. My personal opinion is that the eveness of temperature matters the most - and of course, keeping them from light. I might leave a bottle out of its box and on a table top on the day I'm wearing the scent, to lend a visual perk to the total enjoyment, but a day or two is all the "stage time" it gets.

    Now your query on Iris Poudre - I would give it a good test run in cool weather - cool and rainy would be even better, as I think those conditions bring out the best characteristics of iris fragrances. Overall, I think it's a flexible scent - it would smell very feminine on a woman, and very intriguing on a man!

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    Default Re: New addict needs your help!

    A warm welcome from me too! My opinion is that various male Basenotes members enjoy owning and wearing female frags, and, as I heard from experienced fragrance aficionados, this whole male-female separation between frags is a comparatively new, mostly marketing-related idea, so this should be a further argument in favor of wearing ANY frags you liked.

    Regarding storage: I own, regularly buy and use frags since 1997 and, up to now, it was sufficient for frags from almost any manufacturer, price range, formulation etc., to just store them, not refrigerated, but just in cool, dark spaces at (or slightly below) room temperature and, in doing so, I never noticed any significant increase in my frags quality even if I stored them and/or regularly used them for years

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    Default Re: New addict needs your help!

    JP joined 5 years ago and only posted 5 times so my guess is that he didn't stay TOO addicted. Or maybe he did and just doesn't like to post about it.

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    Default Re: New addict needs your help!

    Oh, after actually responding to this I see that the OP's post was in 2005! How did this get resurrected?
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