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    Default OK...I'm checking in...AGAIN...REALLY!

    ...but there's hope.  I ordered Avignon today.  But that is all I ordered.  Not two or three, like I usually do.  I keep telling myself:  "just one more", then think of the shipping charge and to get more value of it add another one.  Next, I'll have to work on putting a bit more time between orders too.  I'm already assiduously avoiding getting anywhere near Perfumania at lunchtime too, got more than enough designer stuff for this lifetime.  Won't stroll through Kauffmans either and no trips to Nordies.

    OK.  One more.  Antica Farmacista Acqua for the dog days.  That will be next month.  Serge Lutens will have to wait.

    Only one per month max until the medical bills are all caught up.


    j. :-[

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    Default Re: OK...I'm checking in...for now...

    Avignon arrived today. Actually yesterday, but I just returned to work and it was here. Damned good stuff. I'm already sweating since I have nothing on order. I can pass through TJ Maxx without a care and leave empty handed, but still thrive on tracking an order. That's why I'm here. It is hot enough to rationalize needing Acqua NOW, but...if I do, nothing else, nothing until the fall....nothing until the fall...nothing until the fall......


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    Default Re: OK...I'm checking in...for now...

    Quote Originally Posted by cerberus
     It is hot enough to rationalize needing Acqua NOW, but...if I do, nothing else, nothing until the fall....nothing until the fall...nothing until the fall......

    Ah yes, I think I can, I think I can... ;D

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    A little place of their own
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    Default Re: OK...I'm checking in...for now...

    I still wish I had Acqua or Alonissos or Santorini, but yesterday I got CdG2 instead. A wonderful acquisition and it will have to keep me satisfied until the next equinox! That is my pledge.


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    Default Re: OK...I'm checking in...for now...

    It is Wednesday morning, the seventh of July, and I'm making a confession.  That's why I'm here at the Gallo clinic today.  Yesterday I ordered another one.  Nothing big.  Just a $33 bottle of Eau Sauvage.  Every Summer for years I've resisted getting it.  Next year I'd say. So, I'm looking at the positive aspect of it, at least I waited a long time before succombing to this little revisit to the Sixties.  Just not happy without something in the pipe.

    Oh, I forgot to mention the Chanel I grabbed at the mall last week.

    :-[    :-[    :-[    :-[    :-[    :-[    :-[    :-[    :-[    :-[    :-[    :-[    :-[    :-[    :-[     :-[



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    Default Re: OK...I'm checking in...AGAIN...REALLY!

    So much for all that. I have lost track of my acquisitions since my initial check-in here at the EG Clinic. :-[

    Cardinal points are times for me to start, and start again, so this time I MEAN IT...REALLY! :-/

    Yatagan finally arrived yesterday. It got shipped out of Florida ahead of the storm. I put this one off for over a year, always on the verge. Then came obsessiveness phase two - the "Niche Works". Then came the Creed closeout sales. Then another...and al.

    Running out of space in the refrigerator :Pand CC card, well :-X...

    A clearly stated (but realistic) goal is in order now :

    Over the next month (begins on M7 day) I will not purchase any new fragrance. NONE! And I will begin the painful process of shedding some little used stock.

    Pleeeze folks. Hold me to it this time. :'(


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    Default Re: OK...I'm checking in...AGAIN...REALLY!

    Ok, I'm holding you to it, JW. No more from M7 day, at least until you've shedded some and proven you absolutely, rationally need a new purchase.
    'I am not difficult, I am definite!' - Hedy Lamarr

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    Default Re: OK...I'm checking in...AGAIN...REALLY!

    Hey JW, i have a time you get the urge to buy another one, just look at the favorites in your collection and think about the attributes of each one and why you enjoy them so much.......?? ???

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    Default Re: OK...I'm checking in...AGAIN...REALLY!

    OK. I'm officially checked in. I bought something yesterday, and I have some Goth Rosary scents on the way. But I need to focus on other things for a while. The boards are great, but sometimes they turn into an "Escape" -pun intended. I got some things to get done- things that don't involve sitting in front of a computer.

    In the next month, I'm gonna be very scarce on here.

    Hopefully, the less you hear from me- the better I'll be doing!



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    Default Re: OK...I'm still checked in...HONEST...REALLY!

    Looks like I've stopped the bleeding!

    It has been a month now. Not one purchase and I've sold a few. I'm going for another (month) one. Got to get rid of some fragrance debt. No cheap designers from the mall shop either. Nada.

    I feel pretty good about this. Not that I haven't thought about it from time to time. Still wanted to try some CdG synthetics. Tar. Garage. Dry Clean maybe. Still want Kyoto and Quarzazate.

    So, for now a wish  : :-/ list is all I can do.

    MPG Jadin du Nil

    Realistically, I will need to pay down some debt and get the next one out of ready cash. That means I might have to hold out until January. :'(


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    Default Re: OK...I'm checking in...AGAIN...REALLY!

    It's now been two months. I haven't acquired anything. This is nice since I have so many on the shelf and it forces me to look them over and appreciate what I've got.

    It has also tamped my enthusiasm down to an almost reasonable level and enabled me to recover some interest in other neglected areas.

    On the other hand a new store just opened up in the downtown mall where I often dine for lunch and they are carrying Miller Harris, Bond 9, Creed and others. I'm going to have to start bringing in my lunch.


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    Default Re: OK...I'm checking in...AGAIN...REALLY!

    i'm still buying fragrances with a huge amount of debt, this has to be stopped! I must be tied to a chair for 1 year.
    Current top 5:
    1. Roja UAE
    2. Sospiro Vivace
    2. SHL Generation Homme
    3. ELDO Rien
    4. Brioni EDT
    5. FM French Lover

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    Default Re: OK...I'm checking in...AGAIN...REALLY!

    Quote Originally Posted by HackerX
    i'm still buying fragrances with a huge amount of debt, this has to be stopped!  I must be tied to a chair for 1 year.
    Using credit can easily go out of reason. Then, as other unexected expenses arise you end up with more than you can pay off in a year. You have my support and I urge you to just stop until you can purchase again without debt. You can do it. I slipped a few times but set a deadline and I'm sticking with it until the debt is gone. I had to add some to my credit card for my dog's operation, but there's no justification for additional burdening debt for luxuries.

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    Default Re: OK...I'm checking in...AGAIN...REALLY!

    At one time, I just couldn't stop buying fragrances. I keep my stuff in a drawer underneath my side of the bed where it's dark and cool.

    My wife looked in there one day and went ballistic. I must have had about 70 bottles in there.... I added up how much I'd spent on fragrance and immediately blotted the number out of my mind...... must have undergone some sort of trauma just thinking about it.

    Anyway, I don't buy them any more really. I tell myself that I can justify it if the fragrance is incredibly better than any that I have in my collection now. And very few fragrances objectively pass that test. They may be different, but they are rarely better. I have a bunch of different brands, ranging from Creed to Malle to Hermes, Guerlain, etc. etc.

    I just can't see the need to buy any more right now. How long does it take to finish a bottle of scent? The closest I've ever got is a 50ml bottle of Habit rouge, which I've had 6 years! And just in case it does run out I have a new bottle ready that I've owned for a year!!

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    Default Re: OK...I'm checking in...AGAIN...REALLY!

    I'm off life support now. :P It's been three months and not even a sample. 8) Still concerned that I might get started again though, and still have to do something about the lingering debt. :'(

    My wish list is still alive though:

    Jardin du Nil

    I can still dream and desire. :-/ :-X

    I'm going for four now. It can be done. I'm enjoying my collection - every day

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