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    Default Skincare - what do you use and like?

    I've been trying to take much better care of my skin lately, but am a bit overwhelmed by the enormous number of products and lines available. At the moment I cleanse with Cetaphil and use Aveda moisturizers. They seem to work well, but perhaps there are much better products out there - I just don't know.

    What do you use to cleanse and moisturize (and other other special treatements), that have worked well for you? And if you don't mind, please indicate what your skin type is like (dry, oily, combo, mature, sensitive, etc.).

    Do you also do certain things like facemasks or facials on a regular basis and find that they really help?

    Thanks! I could really use some help in narrowing down this category. Skincare is so tough to judge because you have to use it for a while to see if you notice a difference.

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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    For years I only used Freeman products, they were cheap (the mental illness we talked about ) and always worked well on my skin. One day the face-care line disappeared, about 3 years ago and I've been in limbo since. For nighttime, it has to be a foaming gel to take off my makeup, but mornings I like Juice Organics cleansing milk. I think that the Freeman line is coming back, I'm very excited! I was usingAvon's Anew night cream, and it's not that good. Heavy, greasy nothing great. I'm 33 wth combo skin, if a cream is too rich I'll get blackheads on my T-zone. If there's not enough oil, my cheeks get dry....I can't win. I went to school for this stuff, I should have a clue but I think it's trial and error. On top of everything, I have" mommy lines" developing in my forehead, (from all the raised eyebrows I give miss twinkles). Oh! and my olive skin is developing freckles (sun damage) along my cheekbones from being outside with my daughter all day. Eek, now I'm depressed. ;D I should look into the Aptiva Propoline line, they have the wash and moisturizer for sun spots.

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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    First off do not get sucked into the hype of many skincare ranges.
    None will get rid of wrinkles,they can soften them a little.
    There is no such thing as a miracle product,beauty editors are paid to say that.

    You find what you enjoy using and that is the biggest thing,because it means you will continue to use and not skip things. And it will work.

    Avon Anew is anti-aging and aimed at the late 30's early 40's.
    That is something that used to annoy me about anti-aging products many are far too rich if you don't have dry skin. I am not sure why the cosmetic houses have this strange idea that heavier the cream the better. I have normal/dry skin which was normal/combi until recently. *And many creams just sat on top of my skin.

    I do scrub and diy facials twice a week,even though I am 48 and according to the brands should only use moisturising masks. I need deep cleansing and I have a tzone still in the summer.

    Kiehsls are a brand I like,simple and a wide range of products to choose from.
    Philosopy The Great One scrub is expensive,but worth its weight in gold. And it will last for ages too. If you prefer a gentle scrub Origins Modern Friction is nice.

    You do not need to buy from the same brand,as the sa will tell you even they mix and match brands!

    Try getting samples before deciding to buy especially expensive brands. By the way Kiehls are really good sized ones.
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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    I have been using mostly Yves Rocher stuff for the past ten years. I used to like Body Shop products but at least here in Finland their prices went way overboard so I changed to YR. My favourite line is Bio-Calmille.
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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    I`m 51, have a mixed skin type, with an oily t-zone. I have never spent much money on expensive creams, but I`m always pedantic when it comes to cleansing and moisturizing
    every morning and evening. The products I use are mostly Lumene, L`Oreal and Vichy.
    In the morning I use a huge amount of cleansing toner on a pad, then a moisturizer (light, or more rich, depending on which foundation I use). I ALWAYS use foundation with spf!
    To remove make up, I use cleansing gel /mousse/cream, plus lots of toner. Once a week I use a gentle peeling cream (avoiding the eye area) after that, and rinse with lots of luke warm water, finishing with some cold water to close the pores. After that, I use a rather rich night cream, which I gently massage all over my face, except for eye area, with small circular movements. I use to give my forehead some extra massage. Then eye cream, lip balm, and a good nights sleep!

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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    Musse, you're a great role model!

    I'm 33, have very dry, super-sensitive skin with very energetic sebum production. I really should go for pore-cleansing facials twice a month, but only make it every four weeks. Clinique worked pretty well for a few years, but I'm now using up the last of what I've got and re-orienting. High-SPF creams are a must, either under or over moisturizer, depending on formulation. I fly a lot and am experimenting with various ways of keeping skin hydrated. Have had the best results bringing my own food, lots of fruits, vegetables and grains/lentils for protein. Some have suggested applying a heavy night cream or mask at beginning of flight; others say this clogs the pores.

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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    I'm super excited about my moisturizer, Ystheal+ cream. I have used it for a month now and for the first time ever I am actually starting to see a change in my skin. Not so much in the lines around my eyes, but my skin is smoother and feels more dense somehow and looks much, much healthier. The active ingredient is retinaldehyde and there are studies that shows that it works almost as good as prescription retinoids but with much less irritation.

    It's not a miracle and I don't think it will make my lines dissappear, but I think it's the most effective otc "anti-ager", apart from sunscreen, you can buy.
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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    I wash my face twice a day with quality gentle soap, use average non-oily moisturizer, drink a lot of water, eat good food, take some quality supplements and drink nutrient dense herbal infusions like nettle, oatstraw, horsetail etc which are amazing for your skin.

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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    Thank you everyone for the responses! I've been asking around and am surprised how many people I know are either unhappy with their skincare routine, or just feel that there's probably something better out there they should be using or having yet discovered. I completely admit to being overwhelmed by the variety of choices available, and so really appreciate your insights.


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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    There's a book called "Don't go to the beauty counter without me" The woman who wrote it also has a web site. She's really knowlegable and impartial since she's not in the pockets of estee et al. I'd check it out. I use regenerist products and am endlessly happy with the result. Just a tip from a friend who's a make-up artist. When using foundation blend it with and spf heavy moisturizer. You'll notice an improvement in your look and your skin tone. But you may have to use a foundation a touch darker than you are used to.

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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    I use mainly products from the health food stores. They have much better ingredients than most drug store products and many higher end lines are copying them, charging many more $$$.

    Good lines to consider are Aubrey Organics, Avalon, Desert Essence, Jason Natural, Zia, Alba Botanica... there are a few more, but memory escapes me at the moment. I also noticed the Lumene line had nice ingredients and that is available in drugstores like CVS. Most of the products I use from the health food stores are sold on, if you can't find them in your area, and Aubrey Organics has its own website with lots of products that would be great for men, broken down by skin type and very affordable. I am partial to the Rosa Mosqueta line.

    For exfoliation, I use microdermabrasion. It's gentle, the most effective in ridding my skin of dead stuff, and doesn't break me out or fry my face like a lot of products that use AHA's do.

    My big indulgences are the Eminence Organics line from Hungary (those face masks are TO DIE FOR!!!) and Lancome Absolue, but that is pricey and only worth it if you are not young.

    Skin type: Dry, sensitive, oily on the nose and chin. Best product for keeping skin free of blemishes and enlarged pores is Avalon's Lavender Toner, CHEAP and GREAT!!

    Paula, who writes those books about going to the cosmetic counter, has some good points, but I don't agree with everything she says and remember she has an agenda to sell her own products.

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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    Well, I for one have a hard time finding anything that will work with ALL my skin problems...(sensitive, oily, acne prone) But Aveda came out with a line last year that has helped quite a bit. The Outer Peace line has been good for really calming my acne and I've noticed it's made my skin alot smoother as well. And of course keeping well hydrated also works wonders for the skin as well ( I HATE drinking water) but no pain no gain right?

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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    I used to buy the cheaper brands but, although my skin's never been dry, it's started to sag with age. Not badly, but enough to pee me off whenever I look in the mirror, especially as I've been getting spots for almost 30 years now. So now I'm using Clinique Repairwear day and night and whilst I can't say my skin looks much firmer, it definitely looks clearer and brighter.

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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    I switch cleansers and toners endlessly, but my favorite moisturizer of all time is Oil of Olay Sensitive Skin/Fragrance Free with SPF 15. It's fabulous, costs like $5, and the six-ounce bottle lasts FOREVER. I love it.

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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    Is anyone familiar with some quality, double blind placebo gold standard ect. research for the ultimate in skincare products? This kind of thing makes me spend the bucks! =]
    just found this gem: =D
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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    My skin slightly dry, a tiny bit oily around the nose, and has never given me problems. I've always gravitated toward fragrance- and colourant free products, and use as few as possible; many of the items out there sound pointless, intended to induce people into parting with their cash, but providing nothing that couldn't be accomplishe some other way for far less money.

    Cleanser: In addition to removing any dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells, I expect a cleanser to rinse away completely, no "moisturising", "toning" ot other properties left behind. Generally, I use a paste of orris-root powder and water (I know, it sounds terribly recherché, but it's quite reasonable, and not that difficult to find) or baking soda and water; these products are gentle but effective exfoliators. If I'm using soap, I go with the same [Minirisk or Neutral] shampoo as I use on my hair and the rest of my body (the brand is irrelevant; I cheerfully use any eqivalent product, i.e. useless-additive free, short ingredient list). Often, though, I just give my face a couple of dozen splashes of hot water, and dry my face. I only wash my face at the end of the day, before bed.

    In the morning, I apply the sunblock (which has now reached the 50 SPF mark), then dust it with powder to kill the shine.

    I fly fairly often; if I'm flying on a given day, before I leave the flat I splash my face with cold water for about a minute, blot well, rub a dab of Elizabeth Arden "Eight Hour Cream" between my palms, and pat that over my face.

    I drink 1-2 litres of water most days, but my diet varies from utter crap to very healthy... so far, so good

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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    I have combination, and very sensitive skin. I use Mary Kay, and I'm very happy with it. I especially like all the products with sunscreen in them. Can't get enough of that sunscreen!

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    Red face Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    Quote Originally Posted by donna255 View Post
    First off do not get sucked into the hype of many skincare ranges.
    None will get rid of wrinkles,they can soften them a little.
    There is no such thing as a miracle product,beauty editors are paid to say that.

    You do not need to buy from the same brand,as the sa will tell you even they mix and match brands!

    Try getting samples before deciding to buy especially expensive brands.
    I agree with these statements Donna made. Make sure you read the Consumer Reports article on Anti-wrinkle creams before purchasing any. Their study is limited (i.e. I wish they had studied Prevage, Prescriptives, Caudalie, Kinerase, DDF, etc.), but it emphasizes an important point: Price does not necessarily indicate quality with skincare. I should know; I used to sell department store skincare. Some of it is worth the price; some of it is not. Le Prairie did astoundingly poorly for the price, for example.

    I usually use Prescriptives, since it is gentle on sensitive skin, but I also use Origins from time to time. Lately, to save money, I am using the Olay Regenerist line, which I find serves my purposes nicely, and at only $60 for the whole line-- I have paid that for an eye cream before! As far as the expensive products go, I like Prescriptives, Caudalie, and Kinerase. They're all excellent for sensitive skin, and feel luxurious. BTW, if you order from Sephora online, they offer free samples that you get to choose. I find this helpful. Also, if you're a member, you'll get free deluxe samples (usually skincare items) every few months or so. That's one way I try before I buy.
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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    I travel a lot and therefore prefer multipurpose no fuss products. My skin is oily but dry on the surface, and although not allergic or otherwise oversensitive, prone to breakouts with many moisturizers. What appears to have no irritating effects, keeping my skin smooth and clear are:
    Nuxe Cleansing water for face, eyes and lips
    Nuxe Crème Fraiche de Beauté Formule Light - Moisturizing Balancing Emulsion for face
    and decolleté (works around the eyes too)
    Nuxe Gentle Aromatic Exfoliant for face. Leaves skin very smooths and keeps pores
    Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse - multi-usage dry oil for face, body and hair. Perhaps not
    moisturizing enough during the coldest winter months, but then can be mixed with a
    more heavy duty moisturizer. Lovely scent.
    Ella Bache Lurophase (Equalizing emulsion - combination to oily skin) Moisturizes but
    keeps shine in check.
    Kiehl's lip balm in a pot. Would not like to be without it. The tube version in my opinion
    does not work as well.
    Lumene Beauty Base - Face makeup base. Smooths the skin, doesn't clog the pores like
    some other products I have tried.

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    Default Re: Skincare - what do you use and like?

    I vacillate between health food finds - I really like Better Botanicals' products - and Shiseido. But I suspect on the latter, I'm just addicted to their packaging. I'm using the cream day moisturizer with SPF 15 from Shiseido's The Skincare line, with a rose tulsi toner from Better Botanicals and a foaming gentle scrub from Dove for cleansing. I have a couple of Yves Rocher products I'll be trying soon for toning and cleansing.

    At night, I use the Body Shop's Vitamin E night cream, unless my skin feels stressed or dry - then I use Weleda's Wild Rose oil.

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