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    Default The perfect red lipstick

    There are times when only a clear, bright, rich red lipstick will make my day or my outfit, but I'm having a really hard time locating one. My last one, by Trish McEvoy, was discontinued before I could buy more.

    My lips have a lot of blue in them already, so I need to avoid blue-red lipsticks; they show up as too purple on me and make my skin look jaundiced. But I can't really wear orange-red lipstick either. I need something more like a brown red, that on me will appear only red. I don't want pink-red or rose, nor coral, wine or anything other than clear red.

    Does anyone have any brand/color suggestions that might work? I'm admittedly a little picky about this, but can easily spot the wrong tones in reds and often feel like I'm driving saleswomen crazy because I'm so particular, but I do know what looks best on me.

    Oh, I also need this to be a true pigmented lipstick and not a sheer one or a lip gloss. And I don't want any shimmer or frost, just a great red lipstick.


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    Default Re: The perfect red lipstick

    Herb Lady, did you see anything in this thread that you haven't tried?

    I recently purchased Chanel Hydrabase Creme Lipstick in Fire and I absolutely love it. Check it out the next time you visit the Chanel counter. I've decided to buy several just in case they discontinue it -- this happens to me all the time with red lipsticks. :'(

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    Default Re: The perfect red lipstick

    Thank you for the heads-up! *I will check it now and see. *I know what you mean about discontinuations - Trish McEvoy did that to me with several lipsticks, one of them my perfect red. *I had no idea that was going to happen and never had the chance to stock up ahead of time. *I really wish manufacturers would somehow let the public know when they're doing this, so that loyal fans can stock up their favorites, sort of an ongoing Nielsons rating of cosmetics!

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    Default Re: The perfect red lipstick

    These may be listed in the prior "red" thread, but I sampled these yesterday -- all Dior:

    Diorific Dolce Vita Red 014

    Diorific Roulette Red 013. This might be too "rosy" for you, but it's deep and dark; it "stains" the lips, very long-lasting, non-feathering.

    Dior Rouge Fiery Red 999. This is one of the prettiest, clearest reds I have. Love the texture; long lasting, too. This might be the one you're looking for! Check it out.

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    Default Re: The perfect red lipstick

    Thank you Ladylonestar for the additional suggestions! I've never tried Dior's lipsticks before, only their eyeshadows (which are fabulous, albeit pricey for the quads).

    Greatly appreciated,
    Herb Lady

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    Default Re: The perfect red lipstick

    I forgot to ask before, does anyone have any recommendations for good shades of lip pencils that work well with bright red lipsticks? I'm looking for something that will define the lipline, yet blend in and not be that icky outlined lip in a shade different than the lipstick.


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