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    Default Night Cream Recs Please


    I need recommendations for an anti-aging night cream that is unscented and not too heavy. *I use Paula's Choice 1% BHA and then I use a Paula's Choice moisturizer over it, but I think I need a cream with anti-aging properties. *I have combination to dry skin. *Thank you! *

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    Default Re: Night Cream Recs Please

    I use philosophy 'save me' with retinol/vitamen c/peptides most nights, which I like because its 3in1. After a dermabrasion or in very cold weather I use Nivea Q10 advanced wrinkle reducer, for no other reason than I just like how it feels,well, plus it's gentle. Now this is another hobby for me and I have more than anyone needs so I mix it up according to whim, and often use an oilfree Therapy Systems 15% glycolic solution first. My skin is oily and does well with it, but they make a 10% as well, and also the same concentrations in a cream.

    Far and away the biggest thing you can do is wear a sunscreen in some product on your face every day, the higher spf the better.

    Oh, and be sure to carry your facial routine to your neck and upper chest!

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    Thanks so much! I tried Green Cream awhile ago and it was like acid on my skin, so I'm a little afraid of Retinol. I do like Philosophy very much, so I'll look into the Save Me. I'm definitely going to pick up some Nivea - it's so reasonably priced! Great suggestion

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    I really like Clinique Repairwear night cream, the normal-to-dry version. It's not a miracle cream, but it has a great mix of antioxidants and "brighteners" like betuline. Not heavy at all and very soothing and moisturizing.

    For hardcore antiaging you need retinols, but I'm staying away from them right now since my skin is so thin and sensitive.

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    Default Re: Night Cream Recs Please

    I quite like Clinique Moisture-on-call. Not heavy, nice. Anything anti-irritating is good for the skin, and this cream is soothing.

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    Default Re: Night Cream Recs Please

    Hey and wow. I got a sample of Caudalie's Creme Tisane de Nuit and it's great. "Total Night Care" Anti-ageing, restructuring, nourishing it says. It contains grapeseed polyphenols and also a compound they call Resveratrol. They claim it is supefirming, a powerful anti-oxidant, and stimulates cell multiplication +24%, what's more in a gentle way without retinal or fruit acids. Its something they extrait from the vines.

    It's a thick cream that none the less melts completely into your skin without a trace of greasiness, My skin immediately felt softer and younger. I mean, you hear that shit all the time, but this time it's real. It had me looking at the package thinking, man, what *is* that stuff? How'd they *do* that??

    Naturally, it's obscenely expensive. I took a little Spa brochure that says to request trial samples and personal beauty advice from

    Caudalie USA Inc. Customer Service
    1400 South Sherman Street- Suite 106
    Richardson, Texas 75081

    ph. 1-866-826-1615

    They didn't say the samples would be free, though. And I've no ideal how the stuff works over time. It smells good, though, and they also make a scent which was pretty darn good in a fresh green way from faded grapeblossoms.

    The whole concept kinda reminded me of old country folks that would slaughter hogs and use every last bit except the squeal. That's an old country folks saying too. Gross, huh. ;D ;D ;D
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    Default Re: Night Cream Recs Please

    I've had some testers of Caudalie when I bought that Grapeseed Refreshening water or whatever it's called, and they were great. I still found them too expensive for me. They have done a hell of research with vines and here they are sold at the apothecary's only. I think it's natural cosmetics.
    Go for it if it works, they are still not as expensive as Helena Rubinstein Sculptor Night, which seems to work, but costs around 100$. And you don't get your skin hooked on boosters.
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    Default Re: Night Cream Recs Please

    I'm a big fan of Kiehl's products. Regular customer for three years. Their Abyssine Cream makes an excellent night cream and can be worn in the daytime underneath a light moisturizer.


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    Default Re: Night Cream Recs Please

    I haven't tried it yet but I know people who swear by Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair (the brown bottle with dropper)
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    Default Re: Night Cream Recs Please

    I went to a Beverly Hills Dermatologist, one of the best and I told him I wanted some Retina A, Strivectin, Q 10, flax seed oil or whatever he thought might be best. I was shocked when he said Eucerin. I am willing to pay more for my skin than my perfumes and he swears by just plain old drugstore Eucerin. The regular lotion and the sunscreen in the day.
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    Default Re: Night Cream Recs Please

    A European trick I've picked up on is using facial oils and balms to boost your skin when you need it.

    My Mum swears by a product called Bio Oil that isn't expensive and is used here for skin regeneration and rejuvenation. It's particularly good for scars or stretchmarks - helps to heal them really well. You could use it as a facial oil - a couple of drops on your fingertips, warmed together and then massaged over your face and neck before your moisturiser (Eucerin sounds good!) If you needed something for days when your skin feels really dry you could use Nuxe family balm in the same way.

    I use the family balm for all kinds of things and it works very well for me. Leave it on overnight and it just soaks in and seems to do you good. It's superb on chapped or slightly sunburnt skin. I always have my tube in my handbag and apart from anything else it's the best lipbalm I've ever used.
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    Default Re: Night Cream Recs Please

    I've been very happy with Avalon Organics CoQ10 line. It has compared well with far more expensive products and it can be found online at a good discount.

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    Default Re: Night Cream Recs Please

    Avalon Organics Vit C serum is good, too. makes some good products and they sell travel sizes either individually or in inexpensive kits, I use the Rosa Mosqueta with rose hips, which also contain Vit C for anti aging. Love their bar soaps. Men can use these products, too. The sections are easily laid out according to skin type. You can buy a travel bag of products to try for $8.48 and they're already packed.

    The Avalon products would layer well with Aubrey Organics, I do that.

    You can also alternative the Philosophy with those lines, if it contains harsher anti aging ingredients. I have sensitive skin and have to be careful about using something like that every night.
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    Default Re: Night Cream Recs Please

    I have quite sensitive skin,but I can highly recommend Exuviance's products.I use the whole series:cleansing lotion,tonic +day and night cream.Just be careful about using it around your eyes.

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    Default Re: Night Cream Recs Please

    the best skincare I have ever tried is this japanese olive oil based skincare. see link below.
    I love the deep cleansing oil...great on all types of skin, especially dry, and I am sure you could find a good night cream
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