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    Move over Creme de la Mer here comes Strivectin SD.

    I read great things about this new cream. It was originally created to fight stretchmarks, but accidently people tried it on their face and saw amazing results. Their skin was more plump, brighter and wrinkles less deep. I have a friend with very dry skin who can't get enough.

    Anyone else tried it?

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    I have heard from people who have actually bought and used it,that its all hype. Creme de la Mer is not all that either. In blind tests it always does really badly. Put the name on and it is raved about.

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    OUCH! The price. I'll just stay deflated and wrinkled. I've never used expensive creams so I am not the voice of experience, but I don't think there are any "miracle" solutions. Obviously, moisturizers to eliminate dryness and avoiding sun exposure will maximize your skins suppleness, but I think our genetic makeup has the stronghold.

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    I've heard mixed reviews about Strivectin. In the US, large pharmacy chains have come out with a similar
    competitively-priced product ($29.99 vs. $135.) I'm not going to try it (I have very sensitive skin so I'm going to stick with the products that are working for me.)

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    I had the worst reaction to it....I was at Macy's a few weeks ago and they had a tester so I tried the eye cream started burning...immediately...then my face under my eyes started turning real red....for almost two weeks I looked like a raccoon (or a football player with marks under his eyes) with red almost scabby looking spots under my eyes. Thank goodness I just tested it and didn't actually buy it. I've never in all my 41 years had any allergic reaction to anything...until then. I was sooo bummed....ever since the under eye area has been sooo dried out...I ended up using the Philosophy Microdermabrasion product to get rid of the scabbing and since then just keeping the area as moisturized as possible. I'm very fortunate that it didn't result in any Vitilago scarring...I have Vitilago and whenever I get anything (poison oak, mosquito bites, etc) I tend to lose my skin pigmentation...very thankful this did not happen.

    I was thoroughly bummed because I had been searching for something good....

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    I tried this at the store and since I'm 27 I really don't have many wrinkles. Didn't do much for me and it smells bad too.
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    I've been using the StriVectin eye formulation for a month or so and I must say I don't see any difference. It stung the first time or two I applied it and then stopped, but I don't think it's done a thing for my undereye circles and wrinkles. I'm voting for hype, also.

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    They COMPARE it to BOTOX! Botox actually WORKS!

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    I'm 43 and smoke about four cigs a days(cringe! I just can't quite give it up) and I've been using the L'Oreal microderm scrub followed by Stri-Vectin for about 6 months. I have the eye cream,too. It's a kick-*** combination. Nothing works very fast. It's always a long term effort but hey- if you do nothing time still passed and you look a little worse instead of a little better. I really like id bareVitamins skin rever-upper,too. It takes the 3-prong attack to make a differece: micro scrub, peptides, and alpha-hydroxy acids. The StriVectin seems expensive but it has tremendous "slip" and a very little goes a long way. There are tons of peptide products to choose from now a days. Check out the Philosophy line for example, or the Olay regenerist line in the grocery store. It 's fun for me, like a hobby of skin care. Makes me feel pampered. Oh, and my skin does look a little better, but mostly it has a softer, smoother texture and makeup going on looks a lot better.
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    I tried it, it burned, smelled awful, I removed it immediately.

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    There is an infomercial coming out soon for a wrinkle product which does something no other product has been able to do- get high density(Dalton weight) substances through the deeper skin layers to where they can truly make a difference. It will feature Raquel Welch, Jacqueline Bisset and other well known celebs. I do not want to say anymore as I am a stockholder, but this is supposed to turn the wrinkle treatment market upside down. It will be seen in test markets shortly.

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    truedeluxe- you are a woman of few words, eh?

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