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    Default Foundation for mature, oily skin? Help!

    I've been looking for a good foundation. Many foundations I've seen for mature skin seem to be moisturizing/targeted for dry skin. My skin has always been oily and I still break out occasionally, even though I'm in my forties. Any ideas? Your help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Foundation for mature, oily skin? Help!

    When I was a young 'un in my 40's and younger, I always used Cover Girl's foundation for oily skin. Later in the day, a light pat or two of powder.

    I've always used Cover Girl as a makeup foundation, Hound, so I guess I'm prejudice for liking it so much. For a woman past her (haruummph) 50th decade, I now use their powder foundation, which is light and unmasklike.

    Hope you find something out there that you like
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    Default Re: Foundation for mature, oily skin? Help!

    How about Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation?

    Or Revelon have one,sorry cannot remember the name.
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    Default Re: Foundation for mature, oily skin? Help!

    Thanks, ladies! I have Covergirl Aquasmooth and their powder foundations. I'm looking for a liquid, hopefully in a pump bottle.

    Donna, I've used Laura Mercier in the past. Unfortunately, it's not available at my local malls.

    I got two samples from Presriptives yesterday. I'm gonna give those two a try.

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    Default Re: Foundation for mature, oily skin? Help!

    I'm new here.

    What about Clinique's stay-true makeup. It's a liquid and quite good. It used to contain formaldehyde-releasing preservatives though. I don't know if Clinique has changed that. But it's worth a try.



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    Default Re: Foundation for mature, oily skin? Help!

    Sisley oil-free foundation is a very good one for oily/combination skins and looks velvety smooth.
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    Default Re: Foundation for mature, oily skin? Help!

    Have you tried the mineral powder foundations? I switched over last year and after a month of trying to get the hang of using them, I'm hooked and I never get a breakout anymore. I was so sick of being , ahem, a few past 50 and still getting pimples. I mean how unfair is life when you have wrinkles and zits at the same time? ???? Anyway, I found these products work well with oily skin because you can't have any dry flaky areas or they will show. I switched to a glycolic acid cleanser to get rid of this problem and my skin looks better than it has in years.

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    Default Re: Foundation for mature, oily skin? Help!

    I tried Bare Escentuals mineral foundation which made me break out. Occasionally, I'll use a mineral powder by Physician's Formula (it's quite a find for the money, but it's not a foundation.)

    I picked up a tube of Origins' Reflection Perfection, which is a mattifying makeup. So far, it's pretty good and I expect it'll do better once the weather cools off around here.

    I'm still looking for a HG foundation, though. I've tried and liked lots but haven't found one yet that's perfect for me.

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    Default Re: Foundation for mature, oily skin? Help!

    another vote for Sisley here.. this one is really wonderful

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    Default Re: Foundation for mature, oily skin? Help!

    OH - do I feel your pain! *I am nearly 38, but really in the same boat. *My skin is still pretty oily, breaks out easily, but is starting to behave in a more mature fashion at the same time. *Also, I am using a pretty high-test retinol cream on areas to reduce acne scarring and what-not which is drying me quite a bit. *So....I'm looking as well.

    The two that gave the very best color and natural yet moderate to heavy coverage of imperfections were Laura Mericer oil-free and Nars oil-free. *The catch? *There's always a catch with foundations for that they both broke me out so that clearly would not be worth the benefits. I do not break out from La Bella Donna compressed mineral makeup and it looks pretty darn good, but I really like the more refined look of a liquid or cream foundation. *The mineral powders suit me well in Summer, though. *So I am also using Aquasmooth with a fair amount of success: no breakouts and it *However, the colors oxidize after being on my sking for awhile and turn pink or orange.

    So....perhaps I will investigate this Sisley, though it's probably really expensive and....does it have fragrance? *I loathe foundation with fragrance added.

    How did it go with Prescriptives? *I find their colors are great, but Photochrome is too chalky and oil-free is sticky and gross. *Which ones did you try?

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    Default Re: Foundation for mature, oily skin? Help!

    Prescriptives was okay. I don't remember which samples they gave me although I have a feeling one was a newer foundation. The other was the one that's in the round bottle. They were okay, but not great. A little mask-y looking. I like something that covers but looks natural. Is that too much to ask?

    Since my original post, I've tried several things. Almay's Amazing Lasting is pretty good but has a low SPF. Revlon's Colorstay Stay Natural doesn't last as long and has some shimmer in it, which I don't care for.

    I tried the Laura Mercier but wasn't happy because it doesn't contain sunscreen. I find that if I put a sunscreen underneath foundation, my skin gets greasy and it defeats the purpose of a matte-looking foundation.

    Oh, what to do?

    I wonder if there's a sunscreen out there that is okay for oily skin underneath foundation?

    Perhaps I should look into La Bella Donna...

    The quest continues!

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    Default Re: Foundation for mature, oily skin? Help!

    Well, depending on how much coverage you need, you might be able to use a tinted moisturizer as they often have spf in them. Trickier to find one that goes on matte. The word on the street is that YSL makes on that does. Tarte has one too, but I guess it's got little "glowy" particles in it, and personally I'm thinking that might be a mistake for daytimes makeup. LM tinted moisturizer broke me out horridly, so watch out for that one.

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    Default Re: Foundation for mature, oily skin? Help!

    Thanks for the rec! I'll have to check out the YSL TM.

    Someone on mua mentioned mixing a little moisturizer/sunscreen with a tinted moisturizer. If I can find a good one that's not greasy, it might work under foundation.

    Ugh! The things we go through for beauty!

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    Default Re: Foundation for mature, oily skin? Help!

    Hi--I'm new here and this is my first post (6 years on MUA)--I've used Chanel Double Perfection Compact for many years and love it--powder foundations seem to be good on my very oily 40-something skin. HTH!

    cheers, sara

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    Default Re: Foundation for mature, oily skin? Help!

    I also recomend Clinique Stay True Foundation, I used it myself during the years I needed it, and was very fond of it. It lasted all day.

    Today I use Diorskin Ultra-Mat Foundation with good result - but I am ten years older than You...

    Can congratulate You to Your type of skin. When You get older, You won´t get any wrinkels.
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    Default Re: Foundation for mature, oily skin? Help!

    I'm really liking Revlon Color Stay active. It has sunscreen, lasts all day, doesn't slide off .....or break me out. It's like a less expensive version of LM oil free IMHO.

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