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    Default Skin-care for oily 50+ skin

    Oily skin... It was my great problem as younger, but now I am quite happy for my skin-type. I donīt get almost any wrinkels. But finding a creame suiting my age, that is quite a problem! I still canīt put something oily on my skin.
    Anyone having a suggestion?
    This far the best I found is Clarins Super Restorative-cremes, Clarins has not so much oil in there cremes. But there is oil, so I would like to find something else.
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    Default Re: Skin-care for oily 50+ skin

    I have the same problem as you, only wrinkles are beginning to come, esp. round the eye area. There are so many different (or are they really that different?)creams on the market , that it`s almost impossible to find the right one...
    My experience is that you have to find a day cream that goes well with your foundation, which isn`t always easy...
    But better oily than dry skin - thank God for powder ;D ;D

    So - not much help from me, I`m afraid.

    PS: I sent you a personal message Margareta!

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