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    Default Re: Inexpensive make-up you like?

    I`m a great fan of Max Factor; their newest mascara "Lashlift" is the best one I`ve tried so far!.Got " Diorshow" + "Definicils"(Lancôme) for my birthday, but passed them both on to my daughter.
    "Facefinity" powder foundation is perfect for my mixed skin, but it only comes in four nuances, which is a shame.
    "Lipfinity" esp. the new "Everlites" is perfect for me too, not to mention "Nailfinity",
    lasts on my nails to more days than Rubinstein or Chanel!

    When it comes to moisturizers I go for LÒreal or Lumene.

    Oh, forgot to mention MF "Silkgloss" (Juicy Tubes- your days are counted!)

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    Default Re: Inexpensive make-up you like?

    Max Factor's new Lash Perfection mascara is great. Cover Girl has good mascaras and powders. I love Milani and Prestige (great eyeshadow colors.) I like Jane's Eye Zings. Also, Revlon's cream blushes are good and much cheaper than Stila, MAC and other brands.

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    Default Re: Inexpensive make-up you like?

    I started using Burt's Bees lip shimmers - merlot, rhubarb and nutmeg. Great sheer color at $3 a tube, not sticky/tacky like lots of lip glosses. I like prestige pencils for eyes and lips. And is discovered Tropez blush, I got one called Tahitian Gold (i think) that is the exact color I blush naturally and a little goes a long way so it should last me forever.
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    Default Re: Inexpensive make-up you like?

    Milani powder clush in "Luminous" is a great shade on anyone, fair or dark-skinned. Not too much gold, not too much orange (as with Nars' Orgasm) or pink.
    L'Oreal kohl liner pencils are great & very blendable. Cover Girl brow pencils are not too harsh (like Maybelline) and not too soft so they don't smudge over the brow. The black is very natural looking & not Elvira at all.

    Still, howeever, hunting for the ultimate loose face powder. Coty Airspun is too matte and drying. Almay is too dense for my fair complexion. What I'm using right now is L'Oreal's Translucide in "Light" although it's pretty good, I;m not 100% crazy about it. I was going to try LeClerc but I hate to blow $50 on something I probably won't like. Any cheaper suggestions or alternatives out there?

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    Default Re: Inexpensive make-up you like?

    I think I use the cheapest lipbalm ever, and the best, estick lip is called, pure cocoa butter, surpricingly it does taste kind of chocolately, about 0.96, cheaper than one dollar, can't ask for more than that.
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    I use Lumene Eyebrow Styler, a wax, the coloured one. As I´m blond, it´s perfect for me. I make my eyebrows in just a couple of secounds every morning. No more drawing with eyebrow-pens since I found this very clever makeup-product!!
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