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    i like their hot pepper recharge. what other shower gels are great smelling.
    i also like the indian cress hair conditioner. what shampoos are great by molton brown
    last question: best place to get this stuff on sale, or in a gift package?


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    Not sure where you live in the world?

    But in the UK QVC do Molton Brown and the TSVs are always brilliant. They only do one shampoo to match the Indian Cress conditioner,though there is one of the men's which is a combined body wash shampoo.

    I love the Black Pepper shower gel,layer it with Black Cashmere. Gingeng(sp)is another hot spicy feel one. A few are more sexy like the Heavenly Ginger Lily. But honestly all Molton Brown bath/shower gels are great. I actually love the Eucalyptus really refreshing,especially strange but true in hot weather.

    I live not far from a Molton Brown store,and twice a year they do deals. Certian bath/shower gels you get the 500ml for the price of the 300ml! Or buy the bath/shower gel and get the matching body lotion 100ml size free.

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    donna: i am in memphis. i saw a couple of 500 ml values on their website, and the indian cress conditioner is one. which shampoo matches? and have you smelt the wild indigo shower gel and how appropriate is it for a man, cause it is 500 ml for hte price of 300 ml


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    The Indigo is not girly sort clean and fresh.

    I don't use Molton Brown shampoo,don't like the smell of it! LOL So sorry I cannot remember the name of the shampoo,could be listed with the conditioner?

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    Went to the website and had a look. Ziao Jao Healthy Hair Shampoo is the oridinal shampoo.

    But they also do Triple Action Biao Hairwash for men.

    Both would work with the conditioner as it is light and easy to use.

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    well, if i could score a deal on the 500 ml indian cress conditioner, that is what i really want. the main website for Molton Brown shows shipping to be $20 and the cost of the 300 ml is $19 and the 500 ml is $19. if i can get reasonable shipping, say $5, then id buy it. otherwise, ill have to look stateside for the 300 ml at $19


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    Naran Ji shower gel and body lotion is nice too!

    We sell Molton Brown at the dept store I work at. The top 3 are Black Pepper recharge, Heavenly Gingerlily and Naran Ji.

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    I bought bunch of stuff from their website the other day. Will let you know how long it takes tehm to deliver.
    I got Naran Ji hand wash and lotion, Ziao Jao shampoo, Indian Cress conditioner and Antioxidant Body Shower.
    Tried all of them in a hotel in Paris recently and fell in love with the line.
    'I am not difficult, I am definite!' - Hedy Lamarr

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    As promised, I report that my Molton Brown goodies ordered from their website arrived in just 2 days through DHL and perfect condition, so it is safe to order from their website.
    'I am not difficult, I am definite!' - Hedy Lamarr

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