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    Default Ladies! A foundation question for my mum...

    My mum (due to meds and disability) has terrible trouble keeping her foundation on! She perspires a great deal mainly due to pain and the physical effort of moving around.

    She has used Elisabeth Arden Flawless Finish (porcelan biege, now gentle beige me thinks) for over 40 years! As she is in her 60's she does still like a good strong coverage (I've suggested putty :P) and has tried many under foundation "make it stick" lotions. Some do help, but not enough.

    As the latest foundation style seems to be for the lighter, dewey foundation its hard to know where to look. She doesn't like using a powder on top either as she feels it "sinks into the lines"!

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, cost is no object (within reason!)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Ladies! A foundation question for my mum...

    The best place to start is with the Foundation page:

    Userguide will explain all you need to know, the foundation chart under check colours gives a decent guide to what foundation shades match your skin tone, and clicking each product will give you info on price, coverage, SPF etc.
    I suggest you start off looking for a foundation that has satin finish (EA's FF is satin with full coverage). MAC has a full coverage foundation. The popular dewy finish these days tends to have lots of reflective particles that make the skin shine and look juicy/youthful, so you can give them a try but I'd stick to the satins. Matte's will tend to lodge in creases, highlighting wrinkles.

    It's a tough question you've put forward, the only suggestion I can make is to try Jurlique Silk Dust, be it rose or lavender- both do the same job. It's not a powder, it's an absorbent dust that you very very lightly powder on top of your foundation, and it absorbs moisture/oil, leaving your foundation lasting much much longer.

    A lot of ladies here in hot/humid parts of the country (QLD, WA) swear by this, as it really helps to set foundation. It doesn't settle in creases because it's so very finely milled- it's got rice/corn starch in it I think. Basically to use, you would dip your kabuki brush lightly into the powder, tap off excess, then very lightly and quickly roll the brush over the face. If you use too much, you'll end up looking like a ghost
    A jar should last you a lifetime.
    You can also purchase Jurlique from Strawberrynet, it's an aussie brand.

    You could also try Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Mineral Veil, same deal, corn starch based- we only just got BE products in this year in oz.

    Try Makeupalley for user reviews.

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    Default Re: Ladies! A foundation question for my mum...

    It is no good going for light and dewy if unfortunately makeup slips off.

    Try to get a sample of Estee Lauder Double Wear,I have heard good things about that one.

    If your mother dislikes powder then blotting sheets are the way to go. The Body Shop used to sell them,Mac do I know.

    Kanebo make a serum called 10 Second Essence. Unlike normal primers it sort of sinks into the skin giving a natural feel.
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    Default Re: Ladies! A foundation question for my mum...

    This lady will recommend Clinique Superfit. Feels comfortable on, has good (medium) coverage and stays put. I used to wear it in the summer and when clubbing and I sweat like a pig.

    For more coverage there's Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra, but the finish can be a bit hard to work with. It' can look dry and cakey and defnitely has coverage. Ask for a sample.

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