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    Default givenchy foundations

    Does anyone use the Givenchy foundations? What do you think about them?

    My Dior Airflash has just run out,that one did not last long at all!!!

    I am friendly with the Givenchy sa and was interested in their foundations.
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    Default Re: givenchy foundations

    I have heard good things about matmate but haven't tried it yet. I am a bit of a greasy beastie and the powder formulation, with not too intense coverage, sounds as though as it would be perfect...

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    Default Re: givenchy foundations

    Donna the sa was saying they have a new cream to powder foundation coming shortly.

    I am normal cheeks with a bit of a T zone,so hate anything too heavy or moisturisings.

    Strange but true the sa uses Kanebo compact foundation!
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    Default Re: givenchy foundations

    Damn winter! *I have such a love/hate relationship with it. *Love the crisp weather, celebrations and festivals, getting in after a long cold day - hate the dry, red cheeks, cracked lips and unflattering woolies. *I love the effect summer has on my skin which, although can be pretty greasy, only needs a sweep of bronzer during the day and tinted moisturiser for nights out...Not that I get too many of those with a ten week old!!!
    The only liquid foundation I can get away with without being greasy is Estee Lauder's Ingenious make-up. *I need something liquid for my face in winter because of the dry cheeks but I still get a really oily T zone. *This seems to suit all of my bits! *When I want really light coverage I mix a blob of EL's Ingenious with a blob of their Skin Illuminator and apply the mixed blend all over. *It's beautiful coverage which is light and not at all greasy and there are none of the clumping issues that I sometimes get with powder formulations.

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    Default Re: givenchy foundations

    Matmate is OK for combination skin. Le Make up, new Givenchy make up line is much better than the old Mirroir. Design of the packagings are much nicer.

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    Default Re: givenchy foundations

    The Subl'ime(sp) one seems to get great reviews on MUA and elsewhere. So I was thinking of maybe trying that one. I have moved back to my Prescriptives Virual Skin in the meantime.
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