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    Default ZEN MED Derma Cleanse.  The Real Deal??

    Has anyone had any experience with ZEN MED Derma Cleanse acne treatment? I am desperately trying to find a new acne treatment as Proactiv is essentially doing nothing for me. I dont think benzoyl peroxide works at all on my face, so am curious to try out Salicylic Acid to see if that works. But I'm just wondering if this ZEN MED product is all that they hype it up to be because it sure isn't cheap. Appreciate any help you can give me. THanks!

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    Default Re: ZEN MED Derma Cleanse. *The Real Deal??

    I don‘t know this skincare range that you are talking about (I live in Germany) but I have always had problems with my skin myself and spent a lot of money on expensive products (I dumped most of them and so lost a lot of money). And felt exploited by the chemical industry. As I‘m not so young anymore and perhaps a little wiser now I would give you the following advice:

    1. If you have real acne problems, go and see a dermatologist. The products he prescribes are most probably more effective and less expensive than anything you can buy in any shop/supermarket etc.

    2. One thing my dermatologist prescribed me is called „Isotrex Gel“ (= Isotretinoin) which is said to be the most effective product against acne and blackheads. I don‘t like it that much because it exfoliates my skin but doesn‘t TOTALLY rid ME of my blackheads. But it helps and sure makes any skin cleaner. Advice: Wash your skin, wait at least an hour, only THEN apply IG (Because it‘s quite potent). Perhaps you should use it only every other night. I do. - If you have acne, see a dermatologist and make him prescribe you IG. TRY IT, it may be the best thing you ever found.

    3. If you absolutely insist on products from the shopping mall, I can recommend the following:

    - Eucerin Cleansing Gel (it contains some salicylic acid) ( from the pharmacy?)
    - Though many people do NOT like it (because it contains lots of alcohol): Clinique Lotion Nr. 2 from the women‘s range (does not exfoliate but deep cleanses skin).
    - turnround lotion from Clinique.
    All this is certainly less effective than Isotrex Gel but quite good IMHO.

    Hope this helps.
    All the best


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    Default Re: ZEN MED Derma Cleanse. *The Real Deal??

    I forget to say that the Eucerin Cleansing Gel is the one "for problem/impure skin". (They have different cleansers).


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