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    Default Jil Sander SUN Self Tanning Spray

    Where can I get this stuff in the US?

    I got this stuff in a sample spray vial from and it works very well. So now I want a full size bottle but can only find it on .de (Denmark?) websites and none of them are in English. I have no problem ordering from a site outside the US but I need a website in English.

    How rude of to send me a sample & then not even have the "real thing" for sale >

    Thanks ;D

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    Default Re: Jil Sander SUN Self Tanning Spray


    this is quite typical: you get a tester which turns out to be a great product and you want to order it. But ordering the product becomes a real adventure. I've been in similar situations as well & even with jil sander sun self tanning spray. In my case I just swapped it to another self tanning product (Kanebo Honey Glow self tanning gel). And I'm very very pleased with Kanebo. If you wont be able to find any place where to order J.S. try Kanebo instead.

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    Default Re: Jil Sander SUN Self Tanning Spray

    I agree, Kanebos Honey Glow is a great poduct. Gives a light, natural tan and smells nice. And fairly priced for a Kanebo product. I can definitely recommend this one.

    BTW, .de is for Germany (.deutschland) ;D

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    Default Re: Jil Sander SUN Self Tanning Spray

    The product is australian jil, go to for more information. the company is a highly regarded one and you will be laughing with the exchange rates.

    cheers caz.

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    Default Re: Jil Sander SUN Self Tanning Spray

    Since Jil Sander is a German company, it may not be possible to get the product in the US, or even to get it shipped there legally, if there are any ingredients in it that are not FDA approved. It sounds like the people at perfumetogo weren't thinking.

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