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    Default Highlight removal

    Hey guys + gals,

    I highlighted my hair 2 months ago. And now i want to get it removed as im tryin to go for a new look and the highlights would just ruin it.
    I'm planning to get my hair stylist to do it but does anyone know what kind of processes highlight removal involves?
    I mean, if i have to go back to the salon twice or more to get it done, i'd rather have my hair cut short.
    Any info would help.

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    Highlighting is bleaching the hair which is the harshess thing you can do to your hair. It is the only way to change dark to blond.

    A stylist will be able to cover your highlights,but after a while with washing the lighter colour will come through some what,not as light as originally. And this will continue until they actually grow out altogether. You can keep going back to the stylist and getting it redone,until it is totally gone.
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    Default Re: Highlight removal

    U cant "remove" them you just have to keep coloring over them..

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    Default Re: Highlight removal

    choose a toner(color charm 2,in the blue tubes) that best matches your base color. Shampoo your hair(no conditioner), towell dry, mix tube color with developer(make sure developer is for color charm semi-permanent), apply all over hair, let sit for 10 mins, rinse and condition. You might have to repeat this proceedure a couple of times. but it will save you hundreds of dollars. And toner wil not alter your base color or damage your hair. I've been coloring hair for many years.

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