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    Default creme de la mer ,what can you tell me

    I purchased a one once jar of the stuff ,and I must say it is a wonderful moisturizer and little goes a long way but still, :-/ I was expecting a miricle from all the!

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    Default Re: creme de la mer ,what can you tell me

    I had psoriasis on my face and tried everything that dermatology had to offer. The only thing that worked was a a steroid cream, and even then that only worked for a short amount of time.

    I bought CDLM and the psoriasis went away. I couldn't afford to use it everywhere, and I still have psoriasis where I didn't use CDLM, but it never returned to the places I treated. I think proof enough.

    I have found this cream to be absolutely wonderful. Somehow it just makes you look better, but you have to make sure that you rub it between your fingers until it becomes liquid. Otherwise it won't get absorbed and can give you outbreaks because it will clog up your pores. I get the impression that a lot of people just slap it on, and that's worse than not using it at all.

    It takes about a year for the real differences to be noticeable, although you will probably start to look better in a few weeks. Some changes are very quick indeed. People have started to ask me what I've done to my skin. That's a good result! I didn't buy this initially for the sake of vanity, but I have no other excuse at this stage

    John Stafford

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