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    Default I'll be 15 soon - Joke

    But I did find that my skin completely smoothed out, became firmer, lost little discolourations, etc., became comfortable with the use of ONE CREAM or serum -sometimes have trouble telling the difference these days morning and night.
    Serenissima by Guerlain.
    Got it on Ebay (bid), and it worked so quickly and well I phoned the House of Fraser here to find that it cost 139 (and due to increase!) for 30 ml. I paid about 32.
    Quickly got on to supplier who sent me some spare jars. It is my miracle cream - everyone is different, I know Donna does not use Guerlain cosmetics., but am delighted this works, for little else does make a difference that I can remark on myself.

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    Default Re: I'll be 15 soon - Joke

    I must have some of this miracle cream! Quickly! I'll be 15 soon, too, so time's a-wasting!

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    Default Re: I'll be 15 soon - Joke

    That is wonderful Countess! Good for you getting it at discount.
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    Default Re: I'll be 15 soon - Joke

    Wow Countess. You would have to do extra paper rounds to pay for that retail.

    I am allergic to Guerlain skincare.
    Fine fragrance is alive; it breathes, unfolds and unravels with each passing hour....

    Roja Dove
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