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    Default Anyone ever ordered from

    I'm just wondering if anyone has ever ordered anything from, and if so, how was the quality? I'm considering buying their starter kit thing. It's 80 dollars plus the shipping is pretty high. I don't want to waste all that money if their products are not high quality.


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    Default Re: Anyone ever ordered from

    Quote Originally Posted by gypsydawn
    I'm just wondering if anyone has ever ordered anything from, and if so, how was the quality? *I'm considering buying their starter kit thing. *It's 80 dollars plus the shipping is pretty high. *I don't want to waste all that money if their products are not high quality.

    i've never bought starter kit I just went straight into the aroma chemicals and EO's that I needed. they are fairley decent and have a large variety of stuff. I'd totally recommend them.

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    Shipping charges are very high though. I was gonna order a small amount of Iso E Super and the shipping was $21 and the chemical was $9.
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    Default Re: Anyone ever ordered from

    Yep, I noticed that the shipping charge was pretty steep, but some of the stuff they have is hard to find elsewhere (in small amounts, that is).

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    A few weeks ago I ordered the K-26 starter kit from Perfumers World and today it arrived. Originally I was annoyed that it took so long to receive it (I placed the order on 5/7 and I got here 5/26), however there are a few things to keep in mind: The company is in Thailand and it is a decent distance, PLUS everything has to be inspected by customs--and I imagine that adds to the time, BUT...each kit is prepared especially for you. The kit comes with a CD/ROM and I was amused and thinking "aw shucks" when I saw MY NAME imprinted in the label on the CD. It's just kind of cool.

    OK, on to the kit itself. Well, it is a shock when you sniff each little bottle. Some of them are almost unpleasant, and after a short while of sniffing straight from the bottle, you feel a bit queasy and your nose feels singed. They're strong--the way they should be. It is really hard to appreciate these scents until they are diluted. I'm not an expert on quality, but the fleuressence bases seem to be of a high quality.

    Now this is important to remember--these 26 fragrance bases are NOT strict single note essences and EO's. Each one is more of an accord, rather than a particular single molecule. And the classification system based around the alphabet seems weird at first, but I think it makes sense and will probably help quicken the process of learning the functions of prime odor categories.

    I admit, I'd rather start tinkering with the 161 raw materials kit and begin using specialized single notes rather than the "baby steps" Fleuressence bases of this beginners' kit--But I think it's best to learn these fundamentals first before going hog wild. This way one can learn what happens when mixing say aldehydes in general with say a general woods accord. It seems a better way to learn the patterns of odor impact and longevity. Sure, at first the process seems a bit too childlike, with all the color coded alphabet talk, but it really does seem to help one memorize things. So the process seems to be this: First get the basic kit and learn how scent notes work together, building some general, basic, classic scents for practice...Then get the big raw material set and begin learning to memorize notes and practice building accords from scratch.

    Tonight I made my first perfume using the kit--it was the basic Leather scent that the Perfumers' World workbook gave a recipe for. I have to let the oils marry overnight and tomorrow I'm going to mix them with alcohol and water and let them sit for a while. I think tomorrow I'll work on a basic green scent.

    Something I liked about this first Leather scent I put together--there is a drop of tar/smoke and alot of iris in this scent--it reminds me of glimpses of Comme des Garçons Incense Series Zagorsk. OH hell... I thought I was done for the night, but I'm gonna go back to the kit and try to build a copy of Zagorsk from scratch and see how I do. I'm going to use alot of iris and conifer notes. Maybe a touch of linalool and some ice-Berg notes.

    I'm thinking:

    15 drops iris
    2 drops tar n smoke
    4 drop conifer
    2 drops wood
    1 drop green
    5 drops linalool (maybe)
    1/2 drop phenol...

    well I'm gonna get my sample of Zagorsk out and see if I can't do a close copy...

    Well, I've got things to do now! But yeah, for $100 I think the kit is worth it (Especially considering the instructional materials!)


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    Ah dammit. I screwed it up. I think the linalool was a bad idea with the green notes.

    I was actually kind of close before I put the linalool and iceBerg notes in. Also, I messed up by putting a bit too much smoke in there and it ended up being harsh. When I threw the kitchen sink in there trying to mellow it out, I ended up with the kitchen floor...well, kitchen floor polish, that is.

    So then I ended up with something reminiscent of a really bad take on Signoricci 2, so then I just bombarded it with musk notes to see if I could just wing it the rest of the way... bad idea, but this is fun!

    I sprayed each variation on my arm as I went along... Now that they have dried down, they have a more discernable character. To be honest, the first version was the best. Very, very rough around the edges but not bad for a first try, alot of the harshness went away. I'm learning which notes require a light touch.

    I am gonna have to get the big set though very soon. But this set is going to help me through these early stages quite well. Also I have to keep in mind "time issues" with top notes and middle notes, coming on at different times.

    NOTE- Also I got impatient and mixed the perfume with vodka as a solvent. I think it worked OK, but since vodka contains water, I have no idea what ratio to use it to per portion of perfume.

    Time for another bath...then bed!

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    Default Re: Anyone ever ordered from


    Thank you for posting your experiences with this kit. This is the one I think I'm going to purchase, for now. Be sure to update on any further experimentation. =)

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    Default Re: Anyone ever ordered from

    those people at perfumersworld are very kind and helpful. i only had the best experieces with them. ok, they ask a lot of money for their stuff, but dealing with them is a real option, if one only needs very small quantities!
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