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    Default Natural vs Synthetic

    I hope I'm not repeating a thread here, but I am curious about the differences between synthetic fragrances and essential oils in terms of blending chemistry and evolution of the fragrance on the skin over time. *Anyone have an opinion on the pros and cons of either type of oil for perfume?

    Oh yeah, any members in Oregon or So. Washington?


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    Default Re: Natural vs Synthetic

    You're opening a whole can of worms here. Almost all commercial perfumes are a mixture of what nature has to offer and what chemistry has to offer. There are those people rabid, and I mean rabid, about using only natural ingredients (visit the board Natural Pefumes, eg), but they lack any kind of decent musk or ambergris for example as these are hardly available naturally or are outrageously expensive or unethical to use in the cases of musk and civet. There are wonderful things that chemistry alone has brought us for perfumery that are extremely long lasting that don't exist in nature. Take for instance the many wood notes.. well, mid notes and tops, too. The modern perfumer makes use of all of the things available. Synthetics certainly have the longevity of naturals ... and often better. You really need both. There is no problem combining the two.

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    Default Re: Natural vs Synthetic

    For those who do not follow the Duftnote opf Luca Turin ( I bring to attention this part of his may 06 note on natural perfumery and natural raw materials:

    "This happened at a time when this wonderful-smelling stuff has almost disappeared from the mainstream. The big six perfumery firms are aromachemicals manufacturers, and it is in their interest to keep naturals, with their attendant problems of price and quality fluctuations, to a bare minimum. Just how bare that minimum can be has become clear in the last five years, during which the cost of a «fine fragrance» formulation has gone down by half and the quality by nine tenths. Good perfumes have almost disappeared: there are 500 launches each year, but only a dozen are worth smelling twice."
    The full text is available at:

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