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    Default 'Mock' Essential Oils


    I remember learning somewhere that manufacturers can use a blend of cheaper common EO oils to 'simulate' the scent of an original rare or expensive single note EO.

    For example, I vaguely remember a blend for Carnation:

    Ylang-Ylang EO + Black Pepper EO + (?) = Carnation EO.

    I think the missing element is Palmarosa EO but am probably wrong. *:-? Does anyone know?

    Does anyone else know of any other blends / accords which 'mimic' a single note EO.

    Please add your finds and maybe we can build a good reference thread. Thank you! *
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    Default Re: 'Mock' Essential Oils

    yes this is often done but most of the mimic accords as you call them that I have seen are much more complicated than that. someone can correct me if im wrong but I believe this works on the prinicipal that most flowers smells are a combination of weights on 4 important fragrant chemicals and that by altering these weights by using other flowers you can mimic the smell of any flower (to a certain degree)

    ylang = 10% chem a 20% chem b 40% chem c 30% chem d

    jasmin = 20% chem a 20% chem b 40% chem c 20% chem d

    rose = 15% chem a 20% chem b 40% chem c 25% chem d

    therefore a mix of 1 drop ylang and 1 drop jasmine would create rose theoretically, these are obviously not real numbers just meant to explain how I think it works

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