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    Default Anyone have access to prairie flowers?

    There is a fabulous musky, relaxing scent found in the dried seedhead of the American flower known as gray-headed coneflower (Ratibida pinnata), which is sniffed with adoration by landscape restorationists every autumn as we collect seed. If you have access to dry prairie flowers at your local nature center, check them out for your pleasure and edification. If anyone has a serious interest, I could send you some seed [she said, hoping she would not get deluged with requests]. I'd especially like to get other qualified noses to opine on this scent, as it may have already been recreated in some scent category with which I am unfamiliar.
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    Default Re: Anyone have access to prairie flowers?

    Yes, I love this scent!! Are there any fragrances that incorporate it, I wonder?
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