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    Default Ess. Oils - online or in (health food) stores?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here on Basenotes. I have been looking at the idea of making my own fragrance (I am a guy, btw), for quite a while the idea of fragrances turned me off, infact, sometimes it still does, particularly when someone has seemingly doused themselves in waaay too much of something. And often enough I have found fragrances to be too synthetic smelling for my liking - both in the way they smell, and I would prefer to use something on myself that is natural, and free of scents which are synthetic, which still smells great.

    I also like the idea of being able to control how intense every note of the fragrance is. So, basically, as far as essential oils and absolutes go, there are definately some good online sources for them, but, and pardon me if this is a silly question, would I be off just as well going to the health food store which carries at least a decent selection of essential oils for aromatherapy use, and trying some of those out instead/first?

    Just asking because it would probably be cheaper to go and do that than to pay for shipping costs and all that online, though some online merchants carry oils that are not available at health food stores, so...

    Would these aromatherapy oils be pure, synthetic free, etc., the ones in health food stores? I would think so, given the ideas behind aromatherapy, I guess.

    Or should I just go there to sniff and try and then order online? I am not sure what kinds of scents I want yet, though I have some ideas. Likely ones to blend with some classic animalistic base notes, and some others, but I don't know for sure yet...

    Any suggestions, brands to look for, etc.? If it's of any help, I am 23, single, white (heh), and (only currently) work in a wine store but don't have intentions to wear anything too fragrant in there - at least that's not the plan, but outside of there something very nice could be good.

    Due to having sat down and thought about what I am smelling and tasting when it comes to wine, good beers, and even an occasional cigar, food included too! - I would hope that I have at least some ability to properly match and blend aromas, though I make no claim to be an expert...

    Thanks for you help!

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    Default Re: Ess. Oils - online or in (health food) stores?

    Bump. Anyone?

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    Default Re: Ess. Oils - online or in (health food) stores?

    Eden Botanicals sells samples of their EOs for just a few dollars each and their shipping cost is also just a few dollars.
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    Default Re: Ess. Oils - online or in (health food) stores?

    skesh, welcome to the forum! The essential oils at your local health food store might be just fine. As with other products, the quality can vary from store to store. Sometimes you just have to try it to see if it's good stuff. Speaking as another beginner, I think it doesn't hurt to start with what's at hand, or of course a person could go on the internet and try to find which are the most popular internet retailers selling essential oils, as they might be more well-known for having quality oils. The first oils I got were from a very small local store, though they also have a website, and I was very happy with the oils. You'd have to ask the staff if the oils are pure and synthetic-free.

    About your blend, one thing I'd recommend, as you might've already read, is to give your blend some balance between top, middle and base notes; my first tries were really heavy on the base notes, and that's how they ended up--heavy and linear. I realized I needed much more citrus, floral and other notes to give it lift and dimension. You can still put the accent on the oils you want, and you can trust that the base notes will still come through. Just an idea.

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    Default Re: Ess. Oils - online or in (health food) stores?

    I was sampling some EOs at a local Health Food supermarket recently. The East Indian Sandalwood was quite nice but I didn't see a price, some of the other stuff seemed a bit overpriced.
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