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Thread: Body Splashes

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    Default Body Splashes

    Wow Y'all are GREAT *. It's fantastic to finally find like minds *

    Thanks for ALL the advice.. Maybe I didn't explain my situation well enough.

    My CONCENTRATED perfume Oils & Everclear worked like a DREAM *.

    But, I found a recipe online for a body SPLASH, I was trying to "dilute" concentrated perfume into an after bath Body Splash. Maybe this is where my problem lies. The recipe called for dilution of glycerine in water added to concentrate.

    Maybe you can tell me what I'm doing wrong in this area. Thanks a MIL!!

    Walk in beauty....Shelly
    This was posted by Shelly in another thread but that thrread is getting quite long so I thought that I would break into a new thread.

    The problem that you are running into is that EOs and aroma chemicals in general are soluble in alcohol but not in water. As you add water to alcohol the mixture becomes progressively less able to dissolve EOs and eventually some of the EO will fall out of solution.

    Different EOs will behave differently in their tolerance for water in the mixture. Also, when you have reached the point of adding water where the oils are falling out of solution there will still be some oils in solution.

    Your options are to add less water and/or add less EOs. Another possibility is to use a surfactant to hold the EOs suspended in the mixture a finely divided droplets (possibly so fine that the mixture will remain clear even though it has droplets of EOs suspended in the alcohol/water). Snowdriftfarms sells Polysorbate 20 for use as an emulsifier:
    This page has a link to a couple of body spray formulas using Polysorbate 20 but I don't understand them as I don't see any water being added; I think they are in error.

    Oh, and another option is to use EOs that are more tolerant of water in the alcohol.
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    Default Re: Body Splashes

    ;D THANKS!

    Did some more research - and found tons of sites with water soluable oils - BUT THEY ARE PRICEY!!!

    Then I found: GUM ARABIC LIQUID

    Take any oil and make it water-soluble!

    Here's how: For every 1 part of any oil, use 6 parts gum. Add oil and gum solution to a household blender (add at least enough to submerge the blades). Put blender on lowest setting at first. Set blender to highest setting for at least 3 minutes and shut off. The oil should now be water-soluble. To preserve the product and prevent any bacteria, yeast, or mold from growing, follow these directions: Add 0.1 grams of sodium benzoate and 0.1 grams of potassium sorbate to 92.4 grams of water. Add blended oil/gum arabic solution (from above) to the water/sodium benzoate/potassium sorbate solution. Finally, add 0.4 grams citric acid to the mixture, and pour into a bottle.
    Example Formula:
    1) Mix
    Water 92.4%
    Sodium Benzoate 0.1%
    Potassium Sorbate 0.1%

    2)Blend & Add
    Gum Arabic Solution 6.0%
    Oil 1.0%

    Citric Acid 0.4%

    I'm gonna try this out this weekend - Ill let you know how it goes.

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