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    Default Re: Primer on How to Make Perfume (Version 1.0)

    Great thread!

    I've skimmed through all of it and found answers to most of my questions. But I still have two left.

    What would cause my jajoba based cologne to have less staying power than my Everclear (190 proof) based cologne?

    Background: My 1st experiments were with Everclear, 20% EO / 80% alcohol. My 2nd set were with jajoba, 25% EO / 75% jajoba.

    My jajoba based colognes have almost NO staying power. My commute is about 20 minutes. Almost no scent by the time I get to work.

    My alcohol based colognes seem to last at least a few hours.

    Generally, my formula has been about 25% top, 25% middle, 50% base.

    Or is it not a given that an oil based cologne will last longer? Or might I have better luck with fractionated coconut oil.

    Also, anyone ever incorporate tobacco absolute into a blend? If so, were you happy with the results? And what other EOs/absolutes did you use?

    When my fiance and I started making our own products, we didn't start with many "masculine" EOs, so I've been adding more of these lately. I saw tobacco absolute listed somewhere and became curious. I'm just having a tough time imagining it in my blends.

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    Default Re: Primer on How to Make Perfume (Version 1.0)

    I would use fractionated coconut oil rather than jojoba, as you are already thinking.

    Using FCO, you should not have less longevity than with alcohol.

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    Default Re: Primer on How to Make Perfume (Version 1.0)

    When I first looked into extending the life of my colognes, I came across both jojoba & FCO as options, and I already had jojoba. I will try FCO before thinking about alcohol again, though I did like the spray bottle more than the roll-on. Thanks BR.

    Another question too:

    The 1st "colognes" I ever wore were those scented oils, most made to smell like commercial colognes/perfumes. My favorite scents were Baby Powder & Kush. Anyone familiar with those scents have an idea of how to somewhat duplicate them with EOs?

    I experimented with bergamot, clary sage, cedarwood & sandalwood. Unintentional & surprising at the time, the blend had somewhat of a powdery scent. But I had no idea what adjustments to make.

    After receiving benzoin & peru balsam recently, I get the idea I could come close to Kush, but I'm not sure where to go from there. Frankincense, myrrh...?

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    Default Re: Primer on How to Make Perfume (Version 1.0)

    Luckily for myself Perfumers alcohol(got some arriving end of week) is obtainable in the UK on ebay!...though only 2 sellers in the entire of UK....Still its obtainable just abouts!

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