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    Default Re: Primer on How to Make Perfume (Version 1.0)

    Quote Originally Posted by Srishti View Post
    What a wonderful post.
    Thanks for giving away such an informative piece.

    I have a small doubt if anyone could help me here.
    The doubt is that, if I take a 30, 40, 30 percent ratio of top mid and base note, and if I am using more than one fragrance for each of the note then is there a way to divide the ratio for each fragrance in a note too?

    I hope I am not making anyone confused here.
    You do not need to stick religiously to set ratios. You can put as much Top, Middle or Base notes into your fragrance as you like. What you do need to do is to thoroughly learn the characteristics of each ingredient you wish to use, and get a feel of how they work. You need to learn how to do what you want your ingredients to do.

    I do not know what ingredients you wish to use to create your fragrances. However, if you are using pre-bought fragrance oils, or simply mixing existing fragrances together, you will probably end up with a muddy mess no matter what ratios you think you want.

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    Default Re: Primer on How to Make Perfume (Version 1.0)

    Glad that you replied to my query.
    I am learning how each ingredient smells.
    I am trying to categorize them into aromatic, aquatic, balsamic etc behaviors that they show in the first whiff. Of course this is like a big ocean and I have to explore much more.

    Thanks for the kind help.

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