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    Default Testing a new blend

    Gray rainy day today - testing my new fragrance "Heshkegh" - earth, sage, citrus, wood, angelica, silverberry blossom, Devil's Club.

    As much as I love Angelica, it will have to be taken out. The higness of it is fighting the predominantly grounding oils in this blend - frankincense, myrrh, cedar, D.C. Cistus might work as well, and doesn't have quite as high a profile as angelica, I think. Or replace it with a spice - I have to think about this.

    I was trying to make it unisex, but it seems to be more masculine. The silverberry blossom is kind of a masculine flower - sort of a soapy osmanthus. I was also trying to *not* make it specifically 'autumnal' but seems to scream it.

    Not bad, but not good yet.

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    Default Re: Testing a new blend

    Umm, assuming its not a secret, what exactly were your ingredients and proportions? E.g. what is earth or wood? Never heard of Silverberry Flower. Devils Club - don't think I have heard of that either.
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