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    Default Essential Oil descriptions

    On a related topic I see that the price of Sandalwood Oil is around $2/gram for less than 100 gram quantities. It didn't used to be quite so expensive.
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    Default Re: Essential Oil descriptions

    This is an excerpt from Sunrose Aromatics:

    Sandalwood Sadness ~

    The most valuable part of the sandalwood tree is the scented heartwood. If the tree establishes itself in a favorable location it will begin forming the heartwood after 10 years of growth. At that point the girth of the tree will be about 9 inches and its height 10 feet.

    After 20 years the heartwood begins to form rapidly and reaches its prime in the '50-60' year range at which point the tree will be about 2-3 feet in girth, and up to 60 feet high.

    The trees having reached this stage and considered ripe for harvest are uprooted not cut, as the roots are highest in oil content. The appropriate time for doing this is just after the rainy season so as to reduce labor.

    Due to its high value sandalwood is exploited by thieves and smugglers. They have developed many ingenious means for transporting the wood to people willing to illegally traffic in this commodity.

    Penalties for detection of illicit trading of Sandalwood are severe and the government is making restrictions on the purchasing of Sandalwood ever more stringent.

    Most of the Sandalwood of cutting age are gone. Over harvested. As the way of Rosewood, Sandalwood is or should be on the endangered spieces list.

    This wonderful oil as we know it, may not be had again in my lifetime. A precious treasure. Therefore, unless there is a miracle and I know miracles do happen, I am letting it be known that once the stock of ethically harvested Sandalwood that I do have is sold, there will be no more to be had from SunRose.

    If this is a material that you use in your formulas you may want to look around for an alternative. This is not to say that you may find Sandalwood from India from other sources in the future. However, buyer beware.

    I am in the process of getting samples from Australia. Though it should be known that the spieces is different. I have been told this is a fine Sandalwood, that will only get better with age.

    A very good oil - not identical to Indian but very similar, with the major differences being the ratios of alpha / beta santanol. The species is Santalum spicatum rather than Santalum album.


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