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    Default speaking of wallets...

    i like bi-fold.
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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    bi-fold. I do not understand trifolds. So bulky and they mess up your money!

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    I bi-fold too, especially in the summer. I really miss when I used a vertical portfolio wallet and carried it in my jacket's inside breast pocket.
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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    I hate wallets, and never use them. i just keep my money in my front pocket. I could get a money clip, but that would be too "bada-bing"

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    The bi-fold is easiest for me, but also needs to include change pocket w/ flap - much better to deal instead of the pocket pool routine of trying to figure out what change is what and eventually leaving much of it between the couch cushins/car seats, etc.

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    Remember when George Costanza's wallet was so bulky it affected how he sat? Classic Seinfeld.

    I like to wear quite slim jackets so I wouldn't go for a trifold wallet. I have never carried a wallet in my trouser back pocket. It would last five minutes on the metro!

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    I use a money clip that also carries your IDs and so forth. It is great because it is slim and fits nicely in the front pocket in which is hardly detectable and decreases risk of theft.

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    I have a money clip and small wallet (if that is the appropriate term) that has four "card" slots in it, so its very slim. They are both handmade leather that I bought at a local arts show back in the spring. I'll never go back to a wallet that holds cash as well.

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    Current "carry" is a bifold in one front pocket and a Chawley Changer in the other for coins. :P

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    man-purse. Joking :P bi-fold
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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    bi-fold, what else?
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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    I have always carried a bi-fold wallet, but have recently started carrying a checkbook style wallet. It had the most "compartments" and allows me to carry my checks just in case I would want to write one--which I rarely do these days! It's a bit big, though, and always feels like I'm about to lose it out of my back pocket.

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    Black leather Balenciaga bi-fold, which I try to keep thin because I wear it in my right back pocket.
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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    Brown leather bi-fold from India with unfortunately no money in it right now

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    tri-fold which i'm not a fan of BUT it is my first wallet and was given to me by my father and it's been in my pocket for 8 years, looking to move over to a money clip sometime soon...

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    This is true: I have a cheap, rubbery wallet, which has this writing inside of it: (written by me) "NO MONEY RULES".

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    For my confirmation, I recieved a really cool, but illegal, crocodile-skin bi-fold wallet...Straight from Africa:P

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    I actually know a guy who's wallet put Costanza's to shame. He kept everything. He'd buy a loaf of bread and keep the receipt. It was crazy. He kept it in his front pocket of his pants and took it out everytime he sat down. This was about 2 years before the Seinfeld episode, so when I saw it, I was lmao.

    I had tri-folds when I was younger. Then I found a different trifold that looks like an "L" when flipped open. It was very handy. I switched to not putting my wallet in my back pocket, so I looked for a money clip that could hold an ID and credit card. After lots of looking and a returned purchase, I found a small bifold that is thinner than any of the money clips that I looked at.

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    I use a trifold and carry it in my front pocket.
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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    My bra

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    You needed one more option ... rubber band. *Since I've actually had money, I've never used anything but a decent rubber band wrapped around my money ... with the credit cards and other things (driver's license, prescription card, medical card, etc...) in the middle. *And in the 30 + years I've been using a rubber band, I've never lost a single bill, card, license, anything.

    So I voted " just use my pocket ".

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    Just fold it in half!!! ;D

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    I keep my cards in a leather card wallet - and my money in my front pocket. I can't stand to have a big lump under my butt when I am sitting, nor do I like to have a huge weight dragging down the rear of my pants, exacerbating the flatness of my Eastern-European anti-butt.

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    bi-fold, but I have used tri-fold in the past

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    Fold the money in half. Put your cards inside the folded bills. Put a thick rubber band around all of it. The rubber band that you see on broccoli, etc. You're set. Wallets are a burden, like most other things.
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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    My first wallet (which what I'm still using'll understand after the anecdote ) was a Tri-fold as a birthday present many years ago. I used to use that a lot, and then retired it for a Bi fold. The Bi fold didn't feel as 'safe' but provided easier access to my money, which is useful when time (which I associate with efficiency) is a factor. However, the Bi fold started falling apart, so I reveted to my quality and reliable (and safe!) trifold.

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    After years of destroying my wallet through use every two years or so, I have finally arrived at a system that works: Multiple wallets.

    Levenger has a fantastic wallet that has just one big pocket, with a single card slot on the front, back and one on the overflap. I keep all sorts of cards in there: membership cards, calling cards, etc etc.

    A leather bifold for money cards: credit and ATM.

    A little zipping money purse thing that is the same length and width as the bifold. I had a money clip before that and would probably go back to one if I lose this (I had a money clip before that I managed to lose).

    I've managed to keep this same set of wallets for about 8 years now. I like the Levenger super-wallet so much I have given that as a gift.

    Levenger card wallet:;Level=2-3

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    A paper clip for bills and a very low profile zippered nylon card case. One in each front pocket.

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    Anyone use a credit card wallet that can hold like 2 or 3 ID cards and some bills/change? They are really thin and a hair bigger then a Visa. I might pick one up, but im unsure what they are called....are they just a credit card wallet? (note: you dont fold this the the link above shows)

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    Hey gator, I use one of those credit card wallets and couldn't be happier! I can never go back to a lumpy wallet again unless I'm wearing a sport coat/ dress coat and then I MIGHT carry one in the inner pocket. Mine has 3 slips for cards (I stuff 11 thick cards in there plus a couple thin paper cards and a main slip for cash. A word of warning though, if you tend to stuff it as I do, cards wil sometimes slip out when it is less than full, but this has only happened when I hold it upside down, never while in my pocket. BTW I picked mine up from Wilsons leather. Good luck!

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    I use one of those "magic wallets" . I guess it's technically a bi-fold.
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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    a lot of fashionistas like comme des garcons wallets they zip all the way around there are knockoffs on ebay from hong kong you can get for cheap or for free by paying then making them refund your money for a fake then demanding shipping to return them. It'd be nicer to have a real one or a real nicer wallet the knockoffs are a classic structure and all but the leather is tough and the zipper is cheap. I like a wallet with a built in compartment for change. sometimes I use a skinny one if I'm getting dressed up though or even this leather id holding sort of thingie attached to a key ring you can also stuff a few bills in which I got at H&M, when a big wallet would screw up the lines...
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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    Sorry to bump an old thread.

    I prefer using a front-pocket wallet. They are usually 4"x3" or 4"x2.5", very thin. Don't go for traditional bifold front-pocket wallet though, they just don't look right for a grown man. The one I'm using right now is a bit larger but I like the design, and nappa vitello leather from Bosca is sooo soft:

    It looks like I can't post a url yet because of my newbie status, but Bosca nappa vitello leather front pocket wallets can be found at

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    Brown leather bi-fold that has bad mother fucker embriordered in big bold black letters on the outside. Right out of pulp fiction.

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    Default Re: speaking of wallets...

    Cool wallets? J FOLD wallets. Have 2 of them.

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