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    Default What pants to wear?

    Another house party this week! Im sorta running out of new "party" clothes to break out, but I do have this button down polo (think this but in black )

    Ok, so now my question is, what pants should I wear with this and should I wear an undershirt? I have never wear button downs without undershirts but i might do it this weekend. I dont really have the tan to pull it off. What about a tank top under it? Black T-shirt?

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    Default Re: What pants to wear?

    Being the fitness guru you say you are, I think you can pull of a not wearing an undershirt but sometimes it looks cheesy like you are trying to hard to get girls' attention. I think peope look better with something under it IMHO.

    Most people I see go for a dark pair of jeans because light ones look less sophisticated and classy. Even though a house party isn't a classy event it is still nice to dress to impess just a bit. Clean shoes with dark jeans that don't have rips or the faded square where you wallet sits all day will go nice with a light button down. That is what I see. I'm no expert....

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