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    Default Are jeans considered casual wear?

    I had a question dealing with if you guys/gals think jeans are for casual wear only? I‚m hoping if you guys and gals could respond to this question and give me your insight on this subject. I recently went out with a bunch of friends to a more formal gathering. Out of all my friends, I was wearing jeans and all they did that night was complain about my jeans. It was a more formal occasion and they said I should of worn black dress pants like what they were wearing. I find jeans to be non-casual in my view because I spend around 100-300 US on one pair of jeans. I buy from brands like Gucci, Versace, Diesel, Armani and Jil Sanders. 100-300 US to me doesn‚t sound casual at all. My jeans alone had more of a higher cost then the cost of all of my friends dress pants put together. Do you guys think jeans are casual?
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    Default Re: Are jeans considered casual wear?

    You can dress jeans up with a nice shirt and a sport jacket, but they're still casual attire. It really doesn't matter what brand or how much they cost.

    That being said, if you have enough confidence and style, you can pull off just about anything in most situations except for Formal with a capital "F" or Black Tie occasions.

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    Default Re: Are jeans considered casual wear?

    I think I have to go with nsamadi on this. A really nice pair of designer jeans with great fit and sharp details 80% of the times looks better and is always more tasteful than a pair of semigood fitting or baggy dress pants. Of course there are ocassions, like Noble dinners, fancy balls, weddings etc when
    denim isnęt ok. But letęs face it, the times are a changing, even when it comes to these things. For instance when I was living in Spain,it could really piss me off when a doorguard/bouncer/idiot was examining my attire before letting me into the club ( wearing for instance really slim white dior homme shirt and dark blue helmut lang jeans with yellow stiches ) while a total redneck with extremely ill fitting cheap polyester suit gets a free pass just because his wearing "the official" garments.
    I donęt know how itęs in the States but here in Sweden jeans have gotten accepted to the point where you can wear them almost anywhere but lawfirms and other ultrastrict jobs. I think this is totally ok, especially since the peolple who canętpull it off or know abot nice, unsloppy denim tend to stay away from it anyhow...

    Jeans brands for formal use:
    Helmut Lang
    Emporio Armani
    Levięs 515 Straight leg, low waist
    Ermenegildo Zegna

    Gucci Dior Yohji Yamamoto etc if you can afford them...

    More for going out to clubs, not restaurants, dinners etc:
    Just Cavalli
    Daniele Alessandrini
    Jean Paul Gaultier

    Ięm not in any way dissing nice formal wear and good looking dresspants etc, hell I have loads of them myself ( corneliani -preferred brand ) Ięm just saying people need to open their minds a bit about dressing in general. Letęs not just follow old rules and regulations but rather judge individuals attires, well... individually.


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    Default Re: Are jeans considered casual wear?

    Went back a few threads, found my earlier text on jeans, this is pretty much my denim discourse:

    I divide jeans into different groups:
    For a casual "street" look I would go with Evisu, Edwin, some vintage Levięs (available at urban outfitters I believe), Etienne Ozeki, Duffer of St.George or a baggier model from Diesel. BTW if youęre looking only for quality for a good price nothing really beats Carhart, they are unbelievable in terms of durability.

    For more formal straight leg classic denim: Helmut Lang-fantastic fit and really discreet without backpocket stiching. Calvin Klein has some decent classic models and washes. Levięs 515 and 507, the first is totally straight while the second is slightly bootcut and available in many more washes. APC, a french brand, also have very simple high quality denim garments both in baggy and quite tight fits. Another sweet brand for jeans is DKNY which I guess fits into this category too.

    For a bit more extravagant, original and of course more expensive check out:
    Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli - this denim is like little pieces of art with some very flamboyant prints and colours, can be tacky at times but also VERY cool.

    Seal Kay - Semipricey italian brand with great washes and models.

    Stone Island - Fotball bullies favorite brand, earthy colours and high quality.

    Daniele Alessandrini (if its available in the states at all?)-Very nice brand with plenty of models and washes. Only one lenght though, Ięm 183 cm and they fit me perfect without turnups. Original jeans with cool details and high quality.

    There is so much more of course, but these brands and styles give a fair overview of the market.


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    Default Re: Are jeans considered casual wear?

    To me no matter how expensive jeans are casual wear, just like a t-shirt. It's a matter of perception in our culture. IMO if you are not sure and the fact that this question pops in your mind then you'll be safer going with a more dressier option. Especially if you want to produce a certain impression.

    Then again... I am a jeans and t-shirt person and I prefer casual outfits, but once I have decided on that I also told myself I'll never be swayed by what my friends say about whether it was appropriate or not. I wear suits or formal clothes so rarely that when I do people don't recognise me or they just get dumbstruck. It's a sly approach, I admit hehehe.


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    Default Re: Are jeans considered casual wear?

    jeans are strictly and always casual, imho.

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    Default Re: Are jeans considered casual wear?

    As much as I like jeans, I have to agree with liquid. Denim is denim, no matter whose label is on it.

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    Default Re: Are jeans considered casual wear

    Of course jeans are casual - no matter how much they cost. I think that if you're invited to something formal you're expected to dress for others' expectations and it's fairly bad form to let people down.

    That said if your friends had nothing better do other than to whinge about what you were wearing, you won't miss them if they cut you out of their social circle for wearing jeans!

    By the way, since when did price have anything to do with how formal something is? You could pay £100,000 for a limited-edition flesh-coloured sequinned body stocking from Prada and it wouldn't be formal. Same for jeans.

    A good idea that can combine looking good with conforming with convention would be to invest in a really sharp suit for occasions like this. You like Gucci and Versace so maybe you could get something glitzy from one of these labels and that would really show your friends that you know how to impress!

    Anyway, don't worry about it. Put it down to experience. You don't say exactly how formal you mean by "a more formal gathering" but a general rule of thumb for events that don't state specifically what to wear (eg, black tie) is to dress one step more formally than you guess the dress code to be.

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    Default Re: Are jeans considered casual wear

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_C

    By the way, since when did price have anything to do with how formal something is? You could pay £100,000 for a limited-edition flesh-coloured sequinned body stocking from Prada and it wouldn't be formal. Same for jeans.

    ;D :

    good one!!!


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    Default Re: Are jeans considered casual wear?

    i think jeans are strictly good for casual. Just cant see myself wearing a pair of jeans and some dress shirts and nice tucks. Cant see myself with a pair when i play sports either.

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    Default Re: Are jeans considered casual wear?

    jeans can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion thats why everyone (almost) has a pair theyre wonderful
    if you have a nice pair of jeans they are formal wear as long as you wear the right thing with them
    but i mean if your jeans have that bleached spot look of ripped then umm yeah go for the black pants

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    Default Re: Are jeans considered casual wear?

    even with a sport coat and a nice shirt, i still find jeans to be casual. it can bridge the gap between formal and casual quite comfortably, but will never work its way into formal wear.

    you'll never see a celebrity strutting down the red carpet at the academy awards in a pair of jeans.

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    Default Re: Are jeans considered casual wear?

    I agree with haydn here.

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    Default Re: Are jeans considered casual wear?

    I'm extremely late on this one, but probably should be something every person realizes: demin, no matter how much you might want it to be, will never be anything but casual.

    If you're going to a formal event, and you even define it as a "more formal" event, you should wear some dress pants.
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    Default Re: Are jeans considered casual wear?

    How many casinos do you know of that let you stroll in, in denim? Many also stipulate a tie. I remember mum once tried to enter a small casino with a pair of pale pink denim-styled trousers and was refused because of it's cut :

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