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    i have a corby pants presser but it still leaves the crotch area with wrinkles (but does a fine job with the pants legs)

    anyone use the corby to get out the crotch and pocket wrinkles and if so, how?

    also, anyone ever get one of the steamers that they have in clothing stores and use those? they work or not work for the wrinkles in the upper leg area?

    i have a smaller hand held steamer but it seems like it does not work very well


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    does anyone iron their suit pants or wool sweaters? i have a wool setting on my steam iron and wondered if anyone did this. will it ruin them?

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    I use the wool setting on my suits with no problem. ╩I rarely wear wool sweaters though, much too itchy for me. ╩If I can find cashmere on sale, I go for that instead. ╩Ironing is fine. ╩I've also used those Dryel home dry cleaning kits between trips to the cleaners. ╩They work well enough as long as you haven't stained the material with anything. ╩It freshens the fabric and dewrinkles between wearings quite well. ╩

    I haven't used a pants press, but I know if you don't unzip the pants while you're doing it, they tend to come out more wrinkly. I usually just hang my suits on hangers on the bathrom door and the steam from the shower takes care of the wrinkles. ╩

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