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    Any Stussy lovers here?

    I think Stussy is the only acceptable "streetwear" brand out there. Their tees and caps are essential to me.

    Any other opinions?

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    hey tim,

    yes i see them advertised quite a bit, how do they compare with diesel and energy?



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    Hi Skott,

    I would compare Diesel and Energie to D&G. Italian brands with unusual cuts and styles. Diesel was one of my favourite brands when I was younger, but then the clothes became extremer and the prices went up. Diesel and Energie are now a little bit too "loud" for me.
    Stussy is streetwear at it's best. A little bit skatestyle combined with different musical influences (Rock, HipHop etc.) but without sloppy baggy pants and fake gangster-appeal. Plus, the quality is always great (they still produce most of their stuff in the USA) and not everyone's wearing it (at least here in Germany very few stores sell the clothes).

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    hey thanks tim!

    think you've tempted me to pick up a pair of their jeans/pants!

    it's very popular "downunder" as well as i remember seeing quite a few guys wearin their t shirt and skater pants on a recent trip to sydney.


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    I only remember their slogan from early Nineties:
    Fierce stuff for young moderns ;D
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darber muss man schreiben."

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    Yeah, I don't see a lot of people here in the States wearing them, I don't think they are considered trendy at the moment, but what do I know... When I think of Stussy I think of late 80's early 90's... Massive Attack... Pet Shop Boys... In fact I thought the label was extinct by now.

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    Its had quite a renaissance in Europe. Mainly due to "creddy" mags like Vice supporting them.


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