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    Default RIP : 100 % Cashmere Gucci

    Worn only twice, my much beloved(and only) Gucci sweater, 100 % Cashmere, bought in New York( on a sale), 2 years ago.
    In a clouded  moment of unawareness I machinewashed it together with the normal stuff.
    It came out a whole lot smaller  , so my 9 year old daughter can wear it now.  Darn!!

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    Default Re: RIP : 100 % Cashmere Gucci

    same stupid thing happened to me this week. Washed one of my favourite sweaters at the wrong temp (40 instead of 30). Now it's a "Mr. Bean" size.

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    Default Re: RIP : 100 % Cashmere Gucci

    :'( Oh, I am so sorry to hear these stories! Although prevailing thought is that cashmere sweaters are better off washed, than dry cleaned . . . it is touchy stuff! Yes, this has happened . . . even, to ME! I once washed a cashmere SHIRT, with a load of dark clothes . . . I should NEVER have thrown that shirt, down the laundry shoot. I never wore it, again. If you're looking for cashmere, Bluefly has some nice bargains, on men's and women's sweaters. The trouble is, though . . . that with cashmere you have really to 'feel' the garment, first. Or, at least I do. The quality varies so much . . . so does the 'ply.' Two ply cashmere can at times, be a little bit flimsy. It all depends . . . in any case, Eric . . . at least your beautiful daughter will have a lovely new sweater! Marcello, I'm sorry about your mishap, as well . . . >

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    Default Re: RIP : 100 % Cashmere Gucci

    LOl! Sorry Michael, next time I get a cashmere sweater
    I will treat it , much,much better.

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