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    Some opinions here would be appreciated. About 5 weeks ago I bought a , my first, paisley shirt ( italian-Invento) . It wasnęt an easy "fashion" decision since itęs very much more "loud" than the the stuff I usually wear. However the fit was immaculate and I really like the colour and pattern, dark yellow/matt gold paisley pattern on dark blue shirt. To tone it down a bit I usually wear it under a black wool v-neck so only the collar and cuffs are visible, a nice way of pulling it off IMO.
    However the reactions have been not only positive, my girlfriend for instance finds it semi-tacky (if worn without the sweater) and says itęs to much of a slick/latin lover/hairy chested look. While I can understand that I really enjoy the pattern... So whatęs your opinion on paisley in general? I know some really cool brands like Etro uses it a lot, and Isnęt it an important part of English classic fashion too, with ties anyway?

    Give me your Paisley Perceptions!


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     HI Matt,

    Paisley  is an ancient pattern, going wayyyyyyy back in textile history.  I find it quite fascinating.  Yves Saint Laurent used paisley off an on during his career, moreso in women's design, but also during the seventies, for men.  I remember ties, shirts, pocket squares, all done in paisley.  It's a classic pattern . . . what matters really, is how you wear it yourself. I see nothing wrong with a paisley shirt.  I wouldn't mind wearing a paisley patterned shirt, but I'd want the colors to be almost indistinct, say in varying shades of a muted, teal blue.  In your case, because you're young, there's nothing wrong with going brighter.  I don't find this to be a 'hairy' chest or sleazy type of look; to me it's retro.  But I'm 49 years old.  BTW:  I still use paisley patterned pocket squares, to set off ties in other patterns.  However in my case, the colors are toned down and muted.  During YSL'S heyday, paisley was everywhere.  Gypsy skirts, shawls, men's shirts, ties, etc.  I remember that era as a great one, quite fun and adventurous. 8)

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    Yes, paisley ties are rather nice and classy. I have a few which I proudly wear at work. But these are rather conservative paisley ties I must admit (those with minimalist design and small paisley patterns). My female colleagues ask me about it since not many men wear it now.

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    Hi Matt
    If I may I'll start with a bit of paisley trivia! The pattern is derived from Kashmir shawls that first arrived in Western Europe in about 1800, and it was soon copied by weavers in Paisley, Scotland. The curled figures of the paisley pattern are meant to represent unfolding life, known in India as buta (flower) but in Paisley as 'pines'.

    I think the shirt sounds great and as usual I agree with mgarisbn - that it is not at all hairy chested.

    I love this pattern. When I was very young my father always had a lovely paisley scarf that I coveted. His was in that teal blue with light faded greens and a little soft tan. He bought me a similar one for Christmas many years ago but it never appealed to me as the colour was not quite right.

    I still wear paisley scarves, cravats, ties and handkerchiefs and would consider a shirt but given my advanced years I would need to choose it with care!

    To sum-up my Paisley Perception is that it is a traditional design that is waiting to be rediscovered. As ever basenotes is setting the trend......

    Enjoy ;D

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