Some opinions here would be appreciated. About 5 weeks ago I bought a , my first, paisley shirt ( italian-Invento) . It wasnęt an easy "fashion" decision since itęs very much more "loud" than the the stuff I usually wear. However the fit was immaculate and I really like the colour and pattern, dark yellow/matt gold paisley pattern on dark blue shirt. To tone it down a bit I usually wear it under a black wool v-neck so only the collar and cuffs are visible, a nice way of pulling it off IMO.
However the reactions have been not only positive, my girlfriend for instance finds it semi-tacky (if worn without the sweater) and says itęs to much of a slick/latin lover/hairy chested look. While I can understand that I really enjoy the pattern... So whatęs your opinion on paisley in general? I know some really cool brands like Etro uses it a lot, and Isnęt it an important part of English classic fashion too, with ties anyway?

Give me your Paisley Perceptions!