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    Default What will you be wearing on New Years Eve?

    If youĞre doing anything special that is. Since IĞm going abroad IĞve already had to decide. I love the new years parties, one of the few festivities that really is worth doing well IMO.

    I will wear slim matt black leather shoes (Zara), a pair of black dress pants (D&G), black textile belt with dark grey brushed steel buckle (army surplus), black shirt with thin grey/white stripes (h&m), a dark blue slim fit herringbone blazer on top (alessandrini) and my leatherstrap rectangular tissot.

    How about you guys?
    Any Tuxedos etc?


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    Default Re: What will you be wearing on New Years Eve?

    going to a bar to drink my guts out. So a casual collared shirt from Banana Republic, some Hilfiger kakies, loafers........
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    Default Re: What will you be wearing on New Years Eve?

    my dads birthday that day so I'm probably going to visit him. And as for clothes, I'm only 18 so I'm not really into the loafers, dress shirts and pants so I'm going with Diesel Rabox Jeans(my favorite) with a slim fitting Emporio Armani Underwear Shirt, Louis Vuitton Hat and a pair of old school chuck talyors
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