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    Default Charles Tyrwhitt of Jermyn Street

    A piece of junk mail dropped onto my mat this morning from Amex. In keeping with their (relatively) upmarket aspirations Amex are pushing the above named emporium. This is an old established shirtmaker and they are offering 50% off all first orders if you pay with your American Express card.

    A little brochure came with the letter and it looks quite good stuff - ver y traditional of course.

    Anyone know this outfit?


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    Default Re: Charles Tyrwhitt of Jermyn Street

    Hi Trot,
    I've bought several shirts and ties from Charles Tyrwhitt in the past. They're well made, though not in the same class as Turnbull & Asser, Hilditch & Key, etc.
    However, the last two years, they have been offering shirts that are less tradional such as loud stripes and odd colors. This has turned me off to their dress shirts.
    I still like their country shirts though, and bought a couple recently.

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    Default Re: Charles Tyrwhitt of Jermyn Street

    Thanks, Rick
    I must say the country shirts caught my eye from the little brochure and some of their shoes look quite nice too - but probably not quite at the Tricker's, et al level.


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    Default Re: Charles Tyrwhitt of Jermyn Street

    I'm not sure, but I think their shoes are made by Loake.

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    Default Re: Charles Tyrwhitt of Jermyn Street

    Hi Trot,

    I have ordered several times, from this company. Good, speedy service. The shirts I ordered were mostly for summer. Short sleeves, in linen. They were quite lovely, with a split piece back yoke, which I really enjoy. They did shrink a little more than I expected, but after the first few washings, their size remained constant. Some lovely shirtings, for ladies as well. True, they have started to include some more aggressive colors and patterns, of late. But their catalogue is worth a look.

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    Default Re: Charles Tyrwhitt of Jermyn Street

    i got the catalogue too. i ordered two shirts from paul frederick which compare to the 140's from trywhitt. how does trywhitt compare to joseph bank, brooks brothers, robert talbott and paul frederick, for business and luxury shirtings. or even pink shirts

    what about their cufflinks


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    Default Re: Charles Tyrwhitt of Jermyn Street

    Tyrwhitt fits me like a bespoken shirt. I find the quality better than Paul Frederick and comparable to Joseph A. Bank. Fast service.
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    Default Re: Charles Tyrwhitt of Jermyn Street

    They are traditionally shirt-makers. They make good quality shirts. Very much old school - Typically bankers from the city of London usually have white L/S cotton shirts from Jeremyn Street. They pay special attention to collars (with stiffeners) and pearl buttons etc..

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    Default Re: Charles Tyrwhitt of Jermyn Street

    I like their cufflinks.
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    Default Re: Charles Tyrwhitt of Jermyn Street

    I get the catalogs, I'm always tempted to order some shirts, but I never have pulled the trigger. At the end of the day, I'm a Jos. A. Bank kinda guy when it comes to dress shirts and suits. I like JAB's clearance sales, which are pretty much never-ending.

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    Thumbs up Re: Charles Tyrwhitt of Jermyn Street

    I do not like their shirts, fabrics and cut. Mines are from Hilditch & Key ( mostly ), Turnbull & Asser, Emmett and Hacket. Have also some Façonnable.
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    Default Re: Charles Tyrwhitt of Jermyn Street

    MysteryBuff - you bumped a 7 year old thread to mention you like their fits...???

    <- (shakes head)

    dude. sir. whatever...
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