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    Default Helpful idea for Swap/Sell

    I really think it would be beneficial to the buyer (although PERHAPS a little more work for the sellers) if there were some way to tell, by just looking at a thread, if they were looking to swap or sell, and if they were wanting to sell, whether they were selling decants or bottles (partial or otherwise).

    Some sort of tag that could do next to the thread would be ideal. Perhaps a small box with SWAP, or in the case of sales, a DECANT or BOTTLE tag.

    Sure, in some cases the folks who were selling would end up having to make an extra post or two, but in the end, you wouldn't have folks scouring through 826 posts that had "Creed" in the title only to find out they were a) only interested in swapping or b) only selling decants.

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    Default Re: Helpful idea for Swap/Sell

    I think Grant's intention was to switch to the wardrobe for the swap/sale thing.
    Maybe I'm wrong though.
    The wardrobe allows more things than the swap boards, which ain't designed for that, but for discussion and polls.

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    Default Re: Helpful idea for Swap/Sell

    I agree with this post, although I have the other perspective (not interested in buying from someone). 70% of the listings that I review are not full size bottle swaps, which is where my interest lies. I believe this should be fixed come November when the Wardrobe features are revamped.

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    Default Re: Helpful idea for Swap/Sell

    I would like to see some way to get an idea whether the fragrances are primarily masculine or feminine. I am female and generally more interested in [the more wide ranging] world of "feminine" fragrances.

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