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    Hi folks, on this list here I'm going to try and list everything on my Basenotes To Do list! I'll keep adding as I remember things.

    * Chat Room
    * Flags
    * Searchable Archive of Yahoo messages
    * Searchable archive of pre 2005 messages

    * Add ability to look for fragrance by letter.
    * Ability for members to upload pics of the fragrances
    * Update fragrance profile code done 4 Oct 05
    * Add related threads to profile page done 4 Oct 05

    * Show latest reviews
    * faster review upload time
    * Ability to show all reviews by a member done 4 OCT 05

    * Update all pages to show current site design and links (this will also fix the Community Link Error
    * Make it easier to update the front page, including automation of 'most viewed scents' etc

    * Wardrobe visitor count
    * Allow members to show details about each fragrance (ie, edt, edp, 50ml etc)
    * Make help page for using wardrobes
    * sort function
    * search within wardrobe function
    * suggest new fragrances based on wardrobe
    * export wardrobe to CSV / tab delimited format / Excel

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    I just discovered that I can get from the directory into recent threads on any cologne now! And it takes no time at all!

    This surely deserves the price for best innovation 2005 !

    'Il mondo dei profumi č un universo senza limiti: una fraganza puo rievocare sensazioni, luoghi, persone o ancora condurre in uno spazio di nuove dimensioni emozionali' L. V.

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    May I again, request *some sort of updated message system.....where there's a search function, so we can find a message sent *easier......

    And a way to have our messages ingoing and outgoing as a we can see a whole conversation......
    like the threads.....and not have to search for messages. It would make communicating in here sooooo much easier.


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    Default Re: Project List

    Love your Wardrobe to-do list !

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