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    Default Prices by country?

    Hi, I hope it's OK to post this question here, and feel free to delete it if it's not... *I was wondering if there could be a "price guide" thread related to shopping in various countries for retail items in the forum for shopping guides. *People living in different countries could post the lines that have fairly standard retail prices. I've noticed that prices can vary significantly (and this of course depends on the exchange rate), but it seems like it might be useful. *For example, Serge Lutens is about $90 in the States, 46 pounds in the UK, 72 euros as far as I can tell in the Euro zone, and 88 Swiss Francs. *With the exchange rate, buying it in Switzerland saves a lot of money. *Obviously, we can't just jet to Europe to save $30 on a fragrance, but for those coming to Europe (or other places--North America, Asia, etc. or planning multi-country trips in Europe), it might help with fragrance budgeting. *I know I'm at the point where I have to ask myself, "Can you get this later in the States for a decent price?"

    This is obviously very verbose, but it seems like it could accompany the shopping guide so long as it's taken with some salt (prices and exchange rates change, of course!). *If this isn't a good place or it's inappropriate, please let me know. *It seems like I don't see so much about fragrance prices being posted, so perhaps it's not encouraged to discuss it. *(Fairly new here!) *Well, thank you for your time and any thoughts you have would be appreciated!

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    Oh crud, I'm sorry! I misunderstood and now see this is only for the Basenotes site. I didn't want to incorrectly post my question in the Shopping Guide, and now I've incorrectly posted it here. My apologies! Please move or delete as needed.

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    Default Re: Prices by country?

    Hi, Jen!

    I think this is an excellent SUGGESTION! Also comparing prices from Internet shops etc would be very helpful. (I think maybe those topics should have it`s own forum, but that`s just my very personal opinion).

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